The 7 ½ Years of Saturn’s Transit Affecting Everyone with Moon in Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius

Jeffrey Armstrong Jeffrey Armstrong THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2016

Author Jeffrey Armstrong/Kavindra Rishi: by Vedic Calculations

As Above So Below

One of the premises of Vedic Astrology is that the external movements of the visible planets are causing invisible movements within our own being. The Sanskrit for this “outer-inner” relationship is “yatha pinde, tatha brahmande” or “as above so below.” To say this in modern scientific terms, everything in the world around us is subtly and invisibly interconnected. In our age of wireless communication, we now take for granted a great truth that yogis and seers perceived through observation and intuition over thousands of years.

So as the planets move through the stars, they act as the hands of a complex mechanism, like a clock with many hands, each correlated to something in our world. Our planet is within this invisible energetic web and so are we.

Your Personal Gene Code

A further principle of Vedic Astrology is that the moment of our birth, recorded as the planets placements in the stars relative to our place of birth, forms a “scope” or instrument by which we can view the universe’s continuing energetic unfoldment. Your “hora-scope” or “hour of birth” is like a photograph of our gene code. For understanding the impact of what our solar system is doing to us, we refer to our personal horoscope.

As everyone knows, there are twelve signs or groups of stars. This grouping of stellar influences is one of the easiest ways to keep track of and talk about where planets are in their journey around the Sun relative to our planet the Earth. After all, first the planets are pulling on our planet and then, within that, on us. The word planet comes from ancient Greek and means “wanderer,” whereas the Sanskrit word for planet is even more telling. It is “graha,” which means to “grab” or “grasp.” Graha gave us the English word “gravity.” Just as we are in the grip of the gravitational fields of the Sun, Moon and Earth, so on a subtler level we are in the “grip” of invisible pushes and pulls that correlate with the movements of the planets. For each of us, as the planets move through the sky, they also move through our own horoscope, signalling particular things to each of us. Where modern science is confused about astrological theory is their thinking that astrology says the planets “cause” events in human lives.

Your Free Will – will Come Back to You

The truth is that Vedic Astrology says that the planets indicate the ripening of cause and effect created by each individual at some time in their previous lives. The planetary movement or its “transit” through our own horoscope signals the delivery schedule of events previously put in motion by each of us through some purposeful act of free will. Free will is balanced in the world of matter by a system of delayed response to our actions. It may seem unfair or confusing that previous “cause and effect” is delivered after we have forgotten what we did to create the response, but since we are all eternal beings visiting this material world, there is no way to be fair other than to keep sending us what we have created and requested, even when our forwarding address has changed to a new body. “What goes around comes around,” and the delivery schedule is timed to the transits of the planets through space, which on a personal level also appear to be moving through our horoscope of birth.

Your 3 Main Planetary Markers

With that in mind, there are three things everyone should know from their Vedic chart: The Rising sign, meaning the group of stars rising in the East at your birth, the Moon sign, and the Sun sign. Thus to summarize someone’s chart, we would say you are “this” sign Rising, your Moon was in “this” sign and your Sun is in “this” sign. For example, in my own birth chart Sagittarius was rising, the Moon was in Pisces and the Sun was in Scorpio.

As a general idea, think of this as body, mind and soul. The Rising sign generally refers to your physical body, the Moon to your mind (thinking, feeling and willing), and the Sun as your core self and ego structure. Thus, for transits the first thing you should notice in your chart is if a planet is currently transiting the sign of your rising, Moon or Sun. When a planet crosses one of these most crucial centers, it will have maximum effect upon your life.

The Most Famous Planet: Special Attention from Saturn

The next thing to know is that some planets, like the Moon or Mercury, are fast moving. The Moon stays in a sign for about two and a half days, Mercury a few weeks. Other planets move more slowly. Jupiter for example stays in one sign for about a year, taking twelve years to orbit the Sun. The slowest of planets visible to the naked eye is Saturn, which stays in one sign for about 2½ years, and takes 28½ or so years to orbit the Sun. This slowest of the visible planets is most famous for the long term effects of its transit.
Saturn’s transit is not to be confused with Saturn’s return – which only means, Saturn returns to the place it was when you were born.

Of all the points in your horoscope, the most important and sensitive point to transit is the Moon. Since the mind is the pivot for all we do, everything depends upon our thinking, feeling and willing. Even if the body is sick, we can exercise “mind over matter,” but if you lose your mind, a healthy body is of no avail. So the most famous transit in Vedic Astrology is called “Sade Sati,” or the 7½ years during which Saturn
transits the sign before, during and after your Moon sign. In my case, that would be when Saturn is in Aquarius, Pisces and Aries. If your Moon was Cancer at birth, Sade Sati would be the 7½ years when Saturn was in the sign Gemini, Cancer and Leo. In this way, Saturn moves from one group of humans to the next, according to their Moon sign, and gives them special attention.

Saturn’s Transit – Sade Sati – Everyone Gets One!

What exactly Saturn’s transit of your Moon will bring varies with the past actions of each soul. For some, it is a time of escalated growth and a rapid rush to the heights of possibility. For others it will witness the destruction or transformation of many things in their life. One should not superstitiously regard Saturn’s approach to the Moon as negative or bad in any way. But of all the planets, Saturn is slow, heavy and serious in its impact. As a practitioner of Vedic Astrology for the last 45 years, I have observed that
50-70% of my clients come to see me under the influence of Sade Sati, even though they have no formal idea of Saturn’s transit. They simply see so much change in their lives that the natural response is “I should see an astrologer.”

Are BIG Changes Coming for You?

So if you know your Vedic horoscope and are receiving this message, the planet Saturn has recently changed signs and is moving significantly this year. The article highlights the changes focusing between now and June 22, 2017.

  • For people with Moon in Libra, this year will signal the end of 7½ years of lessons with Saturn. *noted exception in chart.
  • For those with Moon in Scorpio, you are moving into Stage 3, for the last 2½ years of your Saturn’s transit.
  • For those with Moon in Sagittarius, you are moving into Stage 2 of your transit – 5 more years to go.
  • For those with Moon in Capricorn, your dance with Lord Shani (Saturn) will begin in the near future.

For anyone in Sade Sati, annual visits to a Vedic Astrologer are a good idea, since we are used to bringing clarity to what are often complex life choices that arise during prolonged and often challenging transits. You know the saying: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” Finding good counsel during this time is a wise decision.

Specific Dates for Everyone:

Since Saturn is a slow-moving planet, you should consider that on March 26, 2016 and August 12, 2016, Saturn will be in motion and the surf will be up. Over the next two years, Saturn is going to go back and forth between Scorpio and Sagittarius, causing considerable turbulence, especially for those with Moon in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. At the very least, when big planets change sign or direction, the waves
of energy also change significantly for several days on either side of the change date. You should consider this a kind of cosmic weather advisory, indicating turbulence in the invisible energies of our cosmos on each of the dates when Saturn changes sign or direction.

Especially if your Moon is in Scorpio, Libra or Sagittarius, I highly recommend a visit to an experienced Vedic astrologer for training in how to work cooperatively with Saturn during its 10 significant chapters over the next year and a half, optimize your use of free will, and find the path to the best possible outcome for both you and the good of all.

Lastly, always remember that even the planets are only emissaries of the love and intention of the Supreme Being, whoever you envision that to be. Not a blade of grass moves without the grace of that greatest of Beings. Destiny is the fingerprints of Divine Grace. Hari OM.

Saturn in the Signs of Scorpio/Sagittarius – Calculated for Vancouver BC, Canada

(Retrograde means moving backward in a sign, Direct means moving forward in the sign.)

Important moments when Saturn makes a change Libra Scorp Sagit Capri
November 3, 2014 Saturn entered Scorpio 3 2 1 0
March 15, 2015 Saturn in Scorpio goes retrograde 3 2 1 0
August 1, 2015 Saturn in Scorpio goes direct 3 2 1 0
August 12, 2016 Saturn in Scorpio goes direct *Out 3 2 1
January 27, 2017 Saturn enters Sagittarius *Out 3 2 1
April 7, 2017 Saturn in Sagittarius goes retrograde 3 2 1 Out
June 22, 2017 Saturn retrograde re-enters Scorpio 3 2 1 Out

I hope this information was informative…If you want to know more about YOUR chart—please call my office and ask to schedule an appointment with me. You an also order online at

Jeffrey Armstrong

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The 7 ½ Years of Saturn’s Transit Affecting Everyone with Moon in Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius

One of the premises of Vedic Astrology is that the external movements of the visible planets are causing invisible movements within our own being.

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