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The Divine Beings of the Vedic Pantheon


Class 1 – Jeffrey Armstrong – Kavindra Rishi brings the images of ancient India to life and illuminates the hidden meanings behind the Vedic (Hindu) Divinities. The “so-called” Gods & Goddess of India are various stages of realization and “role models” for our world – many are aspects of the forces of nature.

Class 2 – In the Vedas they are personified as Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Maintainer and Shiva the Destroyer – along with their feminine counterparts – Saraswati, Lakshmi, & Durga. These three couples were never conceived as three competing Gods but as three aspects of the one Supreme Being who is manifest in the past, present and future of material Nature. Think of the English word GOD is an acronym for: Generation, Organization, and Destruction. Even though all three are necessary for life to exist in the realm of matter, the sustaining principle most clearly represents the ongoing Divine desire for the happiness and continuation of all life. Jeffrey also elaborated on the role of the “gunas” in this class – Tamas, Rajas & Sattva.

Class 3 – Ram & Sita (description of class to come)

Class 4 – Krishna & Radha (description of class to come)



The Divine Beings of the Vedic Pantheon
Recordings from the live presentations by Jeffrey Armstrong – Kavindra Rishi

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