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Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar: Ancient Wisdom for a New World


The Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar: Ancient Wisdom for a New World
by Jeffrey Armstrong
Length: 260 pages
Publisher: Atria Books/Beyond Words
Language: English
ASIN: B003L786N2

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Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar speaks to anyone concerned with the sustainability of Mother Earth, the role of elders in our society, the seemingly unconsciousness of science and corporations, and the subtleties of unseen realities, resulting in spiritual growth, a deeper relationship with nature, and a better world for all.

An avatar is a manifestation of the Supreme Being—usually in human form—that descends from the transcendental realm to Earth to heal the planet and restore peace and harmony by eliminating the harmful souls that prey on Mother Earth.

In Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar, Vedic expert and teacher Jeffrey Armstrong explains the ancient Indian wisdoms embodied in the word “avatar,” and that behind the notion of avatar is a view that sees the sacredness of all life and the soul of all beings as eternal—meant for freedom and made of divine essence.

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