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Personal Counseling


“Anxiety is simply a decision not made” ~

No matter how far up the ladder you are – we all have had hard decisions to make, and asking for guidance is not a sign of weakness but a sign you are willing to seek a professional opinion in areas where “outside” expertise is required. That’s what mentors are for – someone who is confidential and who can see a bigger picture when you are stuck in the details.

To book your Personal Counseling Session with Jeffrey Armstrong click through the payment process and we will email you right back to set up your appointment. 1-866-872-6224

Please check out the FAST Track counseling program – you can book 4 sessions for the price of 3.

Just click on the day you are interested in, and then the times that you would like to meet.

You can also make arrangements to have Jeffrey on a monthly retainer – useful if you are a busy executive and need in-the-moment advise.  Jeffrey’s diverse experience allows him to integrate wise counsel on many issues.

  • Career management and negotiation strategies
  • Personal relationships and family situations
  • Communication skills and intimacy issues
  • Issues of fear, risk-taking or setting boundaries

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