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The Meaning of Taking Birth on Earth Complete Series


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In classic Jeffrey Armstrong style, this series delves into some of the deepest philosophical topics contained in the Vedas. With clarity and profound insight, Jeffrey addresses one of the most significant questions we can ask: what is the meaning of taking birth on earth?

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Included in the Meaning of Taking Birth on Earth series are the following lessons:

01—Meeting the Beloved
02—Creativity and Spirituality
03—The Purpose of Birth on Earth
04—In the Beginning was the Word – How Sound Vibration Shapes our Every Reality
05—TANTRA – The Psychology of the Male & Female
06—Buddhi Yoga – Getting Rid of Judgement with Discernment – Or How Buddha Found His Groove
07—The Three Centers of Balanced Being – How to Harmonize Mind, Body & Soul
08—Cosmic Time, Avatars and Chronological Snobbery – Repairing our Misunderstandings of History
09—How to Be An Epic Hero – Reclaiming your eternal personhood
10—Bhakti Rasa
11—The Five Great Subjects of Transcendental Knowledge


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