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7 Steps to Greater Freedom: Class 06—The 4 Doors of Ultimate Reality


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Class six in the 7 Steps to Greater Freedom series, The 4 Doors of Ultimate Reality.

How to choose your final destination.

▸ Available format: mp3 direct download.
▸ Single MP3’s are all downloadable at $15/class.
▸ When you purchase the whole series at once on MP3 you SAVE, paying just $9.99 for each class.

7 Steps to Greater Freedom also includes the following classes:

01—The 3 Kinds of Karma: Free Will and the Mechanics of Cause and Effect.
02—The 9 Personalities – Who Are You?
03—The 4 Aims of Human Life: How to Build a Successful and Meaningful Life.
04—The 4 Pillars of Dharma: How to Support Your Truth With Integrity.
05—The 10 Qualities for Greater Freedom: The Do’s & Dont’s of Spiritual Living.
06—The 4 Doors of Ultimate Reality: How to Choose your Final Destination.
07—The 5 Flavors of Divine Love: The Recipe for Unconditional Love.

We recommend this series following the 6 Steps to an Enlightened Lifestyle. We suggest that you explore this series fully in order to broaden your yogic knowledge and to support the integration of these key elements into your life.


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