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The Chakras – Seven Portals to the Transendental


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Class four in The Summer of Love series: The Chakras – Seven Portals to the Transendental

▸ Available format: mp3 direct download.
▸ Single MP3’s are all downloadable at $15/class.
▸ When you purchase the whole series at once on MP3 you save, paying just $9.99 for each class.

The Summer of Love Series includes the following classes:

01—A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
02—Rasa – The Flavour of the Divine
03—The Secret of Spiritual Sound – From Vibration to Realization
04—The Chakras – Seven Portals to the Transendental
05—Sex and Kundalini – The Birds and Bees for Yogis
06—The Vocabulary of Love
07—Vedic Meditation – How to Live in Divine Consciousness Every Day
08—Envy and Jealousy
09—Love and Separation
10—Shiva Shakti The Roots of Tantra and Psychology
11—The 9 Faces of Durga – The 9 Days of the Goddess
12—Note in a Bottle


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