Seventy and Sensational

We’re 37 days away from this exciting celebration!
For those registered for the retreat we’ll see you on Dec1.

The final program for the 6-day retreat will go out Nov 1 but I wanted to make sure you knew when the party dates were and what we are planning.

Over Jeffrey’s lifetime, he has touched the lives of thousands of people. He has been dedicated to serving students, clients, the Indian community, and is relentless in honoring and sharing the great wisdom given to him by his gurus. Jeffrey is an amazing teacher, a wise counsel and a friend to all of us. During this retreat & celebration, we are coming together to honor his devotion and show our appreciation for the benefits we have received by his association.

There is nothing that Jeffrey (Kavindra Rishi) wants more, than for you to learn the wisdom, hold it in your heart and mind, to use this knowledge for your own spiritual awareness and eventually, to be able to share it and enlighten others.

Please do not brings gifts… your presence and enthusiasm is the gift.
But, if you wish to express your appreciation, you can do so by contributing to the group gift, writing a devotional poem, or by making a donation to the BVG Project via the form below.

NOT signed up for the RETREAT? …That’s OKAY!
A few of you are being invited in the hopes you can come for the weekend.

There are several hotels in the Hauula area and lots of or

Please contact me personally and I’ll answer any questions:

Sandi Graham
Co-Director VASA – Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts
1-604-771-1030 cell 1-866-872-6224 office
Anthony Kuschak – VASA Special Events Director
1-604-671-8959 cell

PS. Jeffrey loves poetry…send your poem to Sandi – it will be read at the Celebration if you wish.

Saturday DINNER Program: 6 pm sharp:  Sunset Feast. 7:30-8 pm: Guru Puja Kirtan. 8-10 pm: Celebration Program. wear white or turq. or Indian attire

Sunday CONCERT Program: 5 pm: Meet at Turtle Bay Hotel for snacks around the pool. FREE Hawaiian Show starts at 6 pm-7:30 pm. 7:30: Return to the Estate for dessert and concert with Gina Sala, Daniel Paul, & Guest Musicians. 8-10 pm

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Donate to the Bhagavad-Gita Project

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Donation Total: $50

Seventieth Birthday Gift

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