The Provable Correlation between the Body-Types of Ayurvedic Medicine and the Birth Chart of Vedic Astrology

Jeffrey Armstrong Jeffrey Armstrong THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2015

Kavindra Rishi/Jeffrey Armstrong is the originator of the term “AyurVedic Astrology” and since 1973, he has pioneered working with Ayurvedic physicians assisting them in diagnosing and restoring patients through Ayurvedic principles. He is currently in Delhi (Dec 2015) presenting a paper at the 22nd International Vedanta Conference on “The Provable Correlation between the Body-Types of Ayurvedic Medicine and the Birth Chart of Vedic Astrology.” Geneticists in India have now succeeded in predicting the body type through genetic testing. Jeffrey Armstrong has been predicting the body type through astrology for over 40 years – without viewing the client. His hope is that this will provoke further conversation about a larger research project that would further the expansion of Ayurvedic medicine throughout India and the world.

“All physicians have to understand the physical and psychological issues of a patient as far as possible in order to solve the puzzle that they present. And just as the Ayurvedic doctor takes the pulse of the patient and examines their body and it’s vikruti, so the Vedic astrologer sees the unfolding patterns of cause and effect that are manifesting over time, as well as the original prakruti. Just as the pulse reflects what is going on inside the body, so the transits and planetary periods in the Vedic horoscope reveal the what and when of the invisible planetary forces affecting the patient.

Think of the Vedic Astrologer as an x-ray machine. While the Ayurvedic practitioner is to able to see the most obvious influences of the vikruti, the Vedic astrologer can see the original prakruti and observe its unfoldment over time. In ancient Vedic culture these two experts worked together for the well-being of the patient. The horoscope can reveal many secrets and show the subtle things that are beyond the reach of ordinary vision. Just as subtle cause and effect is operating within the body, so the planets are involved in physical cause and effect both within and without. The Vaidya who is on the pulse of the patient and on the pulse of their karma – has inside information. In order to achieve the best outcome for yourself, consider combining the skills of Ayurvedic doctor along with the skills of Jyotish – together they amplify the benefits of these healing arts.”


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