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Level Two – Intermediate Learning

Perfecting the 8 Limbs of Yoga
Philosophy & Lifestyle of Yoga
Karma Yoga
Jnana Yoga
Kundalini Yoga
9 Paths of Bhakti Yoga

Level Three – Advanced Learning

Achieving Personal Freedom
Sanatan Dharma
The Paramahamsa
Meaning of Taking Birth on Earth
Transcendental Love

— Additional Learning

Bhagavad Gita
Essence of Bhagavad Gita
Ocean of Devotion
Science of Life
Summer of Love
The Psychology of Yoga

Note: The Psychology of Yoga is now offered exclusively on
It includes the following units:

  • 01-The Origins of Yoga and Psychology
  • 02-The Thought Paradigms that Gave Rise to Psychology
  • 03-Male and Female Psychology and the Sun Moon Meditation
  • 04-The Three Levels of Yoga Psychology
  • 05-Exploring the Subtle Realms
  • 06-Psychotheology
  • 07-Symbols and Archetypes in Psychology and Yoga
  • 08- The Male & Female Human and the Divine
  • 09-Modern Psychology and the Ayurvedic Body Types
  • 10-The Chakras and The Hierarchy of Needs According to Maslow
  • 11-From Addiction to Enlightenment
  • 12-Humanis Empathicus
  • 13-Secrets of Dhyana or Meditation
  • 14-The Atma and The Unconscious Mind
  • 16-Imprinting and How Our Mind Is Controlled
  • 17-Body Types and Gunas the Missing Para
  • 18-Reprograming the Biocomputer with Yoga Part 1
  • Reprograming the Biocomputer with Yoga Part 2
  • Bhakti, Emotions and the 10 Senses
  • How Our Story Creates Our Identity
  • Ecstasy Neutrality Ego

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