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Jeffrey Armstrong is one of a new breed of corporate speakers and consultants who are working to bring soul into the workplace and heart into the way we do business.


Keynote Speaker

Jeffrey Armstrong – Keynote, Guest Speaker  

Guest Speaker: What has Yoga got to do with Business 

In recent years the need for an improved model of corporate responsibility has become clear. A new vision of sustainable commerce is arising based on universal spiritual values, a healthy lifestyle and the desire to protect the environment for future generations.

As a dynamic and well informed Guest Speaker, he is a sought after expert on TV and talk radio. For 15 years, he was a corporate executive in Silicon Valley, and a speaker for Fortune 500 companies. He was written about regularly in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, LA times, San Jose Mercury News, Discover Magazine, CNN, Stern and many others.

We invite you to join other leading edge entrepreneurs and executives in exploring this four part series.

Be inspired by timeless concepts, empowered by ingenious insights and informed by practical knowledge that will lead to better physical and mental performance. Start the day with a profound sense of well-being, overall fulfillment, and a new realm of possibilities for lifestyle, profit, equanimity, and sustainability

1 – Sustainable Success – Balancing the Corporate Lifestyle

Decision making requires a process. Companies will either be run by ego or conscious choice. To build a sustainable enterprise, core principles are necessary to guide decision making in a changing competitive environment. Management will be either “by spasm” or “by principle.” Yoga teaches a method of managing the interaction between the creative and disintegrative processes which promotes balance and sustainability.

What are you guna do?

2 – Breath, Brain Link – The Mind, Body Connection

There is a direct link between breathing and brain function. Yogic breathing is the secret of increased effectiveness and balanced thinking. The information age requires high standards of brain efficiency and peak mental performance. Yoga and now modern scientific research agree that the “hardware” of our body is supported by a particular lifestyle of living in our body – just like a high-performance athlete. In addition, the “software”, our purposeful state of mind, is a learnable skill that increases performance from 30-60 percent.

Proper breathing is the key.

3 – Body Types – The Secrets of Compatibility

According to yoga philosophy (ayurvedic medicine) there are ten easily recognizable body-types that determine many of our specific behaviour patterns. By learning these body types, professionals and business executives will increase their effectiveness in their leadership and negotiation skills. Human Resource managers will enhance their skills in hiring the most suitable candidates. This knowledge reveals compatibility in personal or business relationships and how to be effective in complex interpersonal situations.

Your body talks, even when you don’t.

4 – High Performance Living

Being a top professional in any field is similar to being an Olympic athlete. High levels of performance are required every day. Just as athletes have learned advanced training techniques, discover the yogic lifestyle secrets that have empowered extraordinary abilities and endurance for thousands of years. Together, this mind-body approach creates peak sustainable performance.

Success is a learned skill.

A few of the companies that Jeffrey has worked with

These are meaningful tools that every executive and business person should learn. Jeffrey Armstrong is compelling, interesting and very knowledgeable. These valuable seminars are a fantastic way for any corporate leader to get a broader perspective on life.

Mel Zajac

Chairman, The Zajac Foundation and The Zajac Ranch

To me a sign of a great teacher is how I feel after spending time with him. After each seminar with Jeffrey I feel uplifted and optimistic about myself and my place on
this planet.

Max Tomaszewski

President, The Amadon Group

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