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“BhagaVancouver” Ecstatic Yoga Wisdom Retreat Aug 7,8,9, 2015

August 7, 2015 @ 12:00 pm - August 9, 2015 @ 5:00 pm

BhagaVancouver: Ecstatic Yoga Wisdom Retreat

3 Days & 3 Nights!

Immersion into the Bhakti tradition  & Yoga Philosophy in the beautiful British Columbia  (Langley BC)

VASA – Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts director Jeffrey Armstrong is very excited to announce an amazing new collaboration with two of the most influential artists in the field of sacred and healing who will be teaching and chanting with us this summer – Patrick Bernard & DASI Karnamrita.

This is a rare opportunity for in-depth study with master teachers from within the Bhakti tradition as they weave together their expertise in Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, Mantra, and Tantra Yoga, combining the great wisdom of their traditional lineage with knowledge of the contemporary wisdom present within the Psychology of Yoga. 

Bhagavan means: “That Being who possess these 6 qualities to an unlimited degree- all wealth, beauty, fame, strength, knowledge and generosity.”

Additional Guest Presenters:   Pete McCormack,  and more…

Be inspired, rejuvenated, renewed, ignite your passion with YOGIC WISDOM tools that will serve you for your entire life.  Yoga retreats are more than just a vacation; they nurture you on many levels. Devoting time to rest, rejuvenate and connect with ourselves creates a powerful opportunity for inner transformation, connection to our divine nature and inner purpose.

This retreat is “yogic depth psychology” that will empower you to liberation and your true potential. Jeffrey Armstrong’s clear-eyed perspective of the issues facing the world paired with his humor and humanity take the audience on an incredible journey. He will challenge your mind and open your heart and show you a vision of “yoga” that blends modern science with timeless wisdom.

This NEW Program is open to everyone avidly interested in fast tracking their life or their yoga practice. Everyday will be an integration of meditation and yoga, lectures, mantra practice, group sessions, inner transformational work, and play.

The Annual Yoga Philosophy Event for the international yoga community — Philosophy, Kirtan, Bhakti & intertwined.

This is an intimate retreat with on-site guest rooms for only 40 people. We suggest you book your room quickly to assure your space and room type. We offer various accommodations and early bird pricing. Massages and/or personal services or consultations will be extra.

Tuition: $599 CAD: plus accommodations (rooms vary – see ticket links or below)
Early Bird Paid by June 15 – $599 PLUS we include 1 VIP ticket to the Bhakti Unleashed Concert  Wed. AUGUST 5, Value $65
Tuition includes all wisdom classes, yoga classes, kirtans, workbook materials, and welcome gift!

TICKETS HERE:   More specific details and bonus packages described below




Master Yoga Philosophy Teacher| Jyotish Visharada, CVA and Jyotish Kovid, CVA | Best Selling Author | Speaker | Vedic Scholar| AyurVedic Astrologer | Poet| Relationship Consultant | Founder of VASA – Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts

Jeffrey Armstrong is a philosopher, practitioner and teacher of the Vedas for over 45 years and spent five years in an ashram as a brahmacharya. He has degrees in Psychology, History & Comparative Religion, and Literature, had a successful career as an executive in Silicon Valley, and was a motivational speaker to Fortune 500 companies for 10 years. Best-selling author of numerous books including: Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar, Ancient Wisdom for a New World, Karma the Ancient Scence of Cause & Effect and is currently working on an accurate revision of the Bhagavad Gita.  Featured in the CBC documentary Planet Yoga, Wings of Yoga, and the 2014 Leo Award documentary “Take Back Your Power.”

PatrickPatrick Bernard

Bernard’s blend of soothing instrumentation with his soft devotional chanting is a perfect companion for any healing practice, be it mediation or yoga. A warm and richly complex musical texture generates background for his singing in which he freely expresses his heartfelt longing for many forms of the Divine.

Long before contemporary chant was trendy, Bernard was inspiring audiences with his powerful devotional compositions. Atlantis Angelis touched the heart of more than half of million people around the world! Adding to his music collection of 16 records, Patrick recently released a new book about the effect of sound on our environment, Music As Yoga, Mandala Publishing. Since the age of 16, inspired by the teachings of his gurus, his recordings, ancient healing mantras and universal sacred chants are translated into a contemporary musical form, using high-tech synthesized multi-choral progressions and many ancient acoustic instruments.

Over the last decade, Bernard’s records have consistently achieved high status in the realm of contemporary instrumental music, winning awards, achieving Gold status and even landing him on the Billboard charts (he was the first Canadian to climb Billboard’s New Age chart).  www.patrickbernard.com 

Yogini – Divine Feminine Nature [2012] – View: PDF 

In addition to the evening kirtans Patrick Bernard will offer one PUBLIC workshop on Saturday 1-4 pm.

They are free to the retreat participants and $75 to students who ONLY wish to attend his workshop.

Karnamrita DasiKarnamrita Dasi

One of the world’s leading kirtan singers as well as the first Western female to be classically trained in this sacred art. Best Album of the Year and Best Song of the Year for her acclaimed album DASI: Prayers by Women. Karnamrita will enchant your heart with her sweet devotional bhakti and lift you to ecstatic bliss with her voice.

DASI Karnamrita was raised in a Vedic Ashram immersed in the deep study of Sanskrit language and philosophy and performing kirtans and bhajans. She was then trained for ten years in India in Hindustani classical music study under the maestros Pandit Vidur Malik, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Pandit Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha. Her special gift is the ability to light the soul of the audience on fire with the flavors of Bhakti the Yoga of devotion.

“I was raised since a toddler in the Indian traditions of the Vedic ways. First and foremost, and of the highest importance, in the Vedic tradition, is the importance of taking a teacher, and the awareness of love and respect that enters deep within our developing heart at this time. It is the opening, the surrender that allows the teacher, the elders, the Gurus, to plant a seed that deeply imports all the previous teachers to enter our making, our being, our tangible manifestations. I wish deeply that the Western world could see the amazing and sincere relationship of Guru, not as one of negative surrender and loss of identity or freedom, but of one that is of gratitude; that someone will promise to hand down to you all the knowledge, all they know, all the secrets of the previous alchemists…be that of music, sadhana, or any other means of true transformation. For it is only in the proper structure of a foundation that we know how to build the rest of our character.”

In addition to the evening kirtans Karnamrita will offer one PUBLIC workshop on Sunday 1-4 pm.

They are free to the retreat participants and $75 to students who ONLY wish to attend her workshop.

PetePete McCormack – Deep Devotion-Kirtan Guitar

You’ll feel the universal love fill the room as screenwriter, feature film director and songwriter extraordinaire Pete McCormack, combines the sweetness of folk guitar with the deep emotions of Bhakti kirtan.  This is the best of East and West as heart-opening songs blend with ancient mantras in a tapestry of joy and love. Pete is a Senior student of Jeffrey’s and often conducts the classes when Jeffrey is traveling.


RaamRaamayan Ananda – Entertainment Director

We all love Raamayan and as a senior student of Jeffrey’s, he is at the retreat “in seva” — Raamaayan is a mystic, zentreprenuer, poet, musician, and nexialist. Running 3 successful health companies, he puts his time into epic badass projects that will change the planet from the inside out, and help catalyze transformations of consciousness. He is rooted firmly in the divine, and in the universal truth of love, and operates from that place. Whenever he forgets, please remind him.


This is an intimate retreat with on-site guest rooms for only 40 people. We suggest you book your room quickly to assure your space and room type. Some tenting will be available once we reach 26 sold out spaces.

The ACCOMMODATION price includes 3 nights’ accommodations, 3 meals a day, pool, hot tub, physical yoga, all philosophy classes, and much more.All meals are vegetarian and filled with color, prana, and high vitality local food. 

For more information contact Sandi 604-269-9642

Program Director: Sandi Graham  Special Events Director: Alice Zhou

More information 

VASA RetreatWhere: Springbrooke Retreat and Conference Centre

Located 45 minutes out of Vancouver on a beautiful 16 acre Fraser Valley property nestled in a grove of cedars on the banks of the Salmon River in beautiful Langley, BC.

The grounds offer a perfect sanctuary, with an uninterrupted wooded area with trails, an orchard, a river, and various types of animals and birds for wildlife and bird watching enthusiasts to enjoy. We also have a tennis court, a pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and beautiful outdoor showers overlooking the river.  Some of the rooms are situated by the pool, or overlooking the river, or with views of the surrounding parklands.

When: August 7, 8,9, 2015

  •  Arrive at the Retreat Aug 7 Friday by 10:45 am to register – Orientation 11:15 am Lunch at noon
  • Depart August 10 Monday morning 10 am after breakfast and closing ceremony.
  • Typical day includes: Morning Medication, Yoga, Breakfast, Classes, 12-1 lunch, 1-4 TBD, 4 classes, 6-7 Dinner 7:30 – 10:30 Evening Program

Tuition: $599 CAD  TICKETS HERE:

  1.  Includes all wisdom classes, yoga classes, kirtans, workbook materials, and welcome gift
  2. Also includes 2 extra workshops with Patrick Bernard and Karnamrita – Value $75 each

Early Bird Payment Benefits: June 15, 2015

Retreat Fee $599 

  1. Added value 1 VIP ticket value $65 to the “Bhakti Unleashed Concert” Aug 5, Wednesday. (link). If you cannot go to the concert we will not deduct the value from the fee, but you may re-gift the ticket. Ticket will be at the will-call desk.

Early Bird Payment Benefits: Paid by June 30, 2015

  1. Retreat Fee $599
  2. Added value 1 “preferred seating” ticket value $35 to the “Bhakti Unleashed Concert” Aug 5, Wednesday. (link). If you cannot go to the concert we will not deduct the value from the fee, but you may re-gift the ticket.  Ticket will be at the will-call desk.

Plus Accommodations

These prices include 3 nights’ accommodations, 3 meals a day, pool, hot tub, hatha yoga, tennis courts, hikes, and much more.

First Come First Serve ~ Guarantee your space today. (add link to Bright Star)

If you wish to room with a specific person, please let us know otherwise Jeffrey Armstrong will match you astrologically as best as possible.

A         Maharani Suite – Luxury by the pool, with ensuite Jacuzzi, shower, kitchenette, 1 queen bed – 3 single beds. Shared accommodation women only.  $597/person. 4 Spots Available ($199/Night)

B         Maharaja Suite – Pool Side Suite with attached bathroom.

Shared accommodation men only.  $525/person. 4 Spots Available ($175/Night)

C        Garden Suite – Garden view with attached bathroom.

Shared accommodation women only. $447/person.  3 Spots Available  ($149/Night)

D        Courtyard Room – Semi-private with attached bathroom (2 person)

Shared accommodation same gender or couple. $447/person.  2 Spots Available ($149/Night)

E         Ganesha Rooms – Park view, easy access to everything, detached bathroom & shower (3 per room)

Shared accommodation same gender.  $351/person.  9 Spots Available ($117/Night)

F         Vrindavan Forest Rooms – Shared accommodation same gender 3 or 6 people per room – First come first serve – Detached bathroom and shower. $297/person. 12 Spots Available ($99/Night)

G        Tenting available once 25 spots are sold. Price for the entire weekend is $395 – bring your own tent. If you are interested contact the VASA office.

Program Highlights…more to come

Featured Wisdom Presentations with Jeffrey Armstrong

Learn the core WISDOM teachings of Bhakti Yoga as taught by Jeffrey Armstrong / Kavindra Rishi an initiated bhakta with over 45 years of scholarship, personal experience and devotion.  More related subjects will be covered but are not pre-listed.

This retreat will reveal the ancient secret teachings of Bhakti yoga – the 9 Limbs of devotion. Learn how to achieve steady states of bliss through mantras, and yogic techniques that will transform the emotions in your heart, to the Supreme state of Prema for which we all hunger.

The 9 Limbs of Bhakti Yoga 

Bhakti yoga perfects your emotional body in the same way Hatha yoga perfects the physical body. All yogas are learned as sciences with specific limbs or departments of learning that need to be mastered over time. According to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras a student must learn the “8 Limbs of Yoga” to perfect Ashtanga yoga. Similarily the Bhakti Sutras of Narada describe 9 Limbs of devotion for the perfection of Bhakti as a Yoga.

Bhakti Unleashed ~ A Bhav and Beyond

Yoga is the science of establishing a union with the Transcendental Divine. Bhakti Yoga is the art and practice of diving deeper and deeper into the ocean of devotion until you achieve the illusive pearl — Prema the highest state of ecstatic love — a state that is said to make one drown in the ocean of transcendental ecstasy and pleasure. This class will reveal the ancient secret teachings of Rasika Bhakti – the distinct flavors of Divine Love.  Learn how to achieve steady states of bliss through mantras, and yogic techniques that will transform the emotions in your heart, to the Supreme state of Prema for which we all hunger. Go a BHAV and Beyond – Divine Love will set you free!

Optional “Free Time” Classes 1-4 pm

In addition to the evening kirtans, Patrick Bernard & DASI Karnamrita will offer one PUBLIC workshop each. It is FREE to all retreat participants and $75 to the public who ONLY wish to attend this workshop. These non-retreat participants will have the opportunity to stay for dinner with the whole group for an additional $25.

A. MUSIC as YOGA, Discover the Healing Power of Sound:  Patrick Bernard

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Patrick Bernard has been one of the most influential artists in the field of sacred and healing chanting. Experience his powerfully transformative, transcendental music up close. Mantras prepare the body and mind for a deep meditative experience. You will learn how to use your voice as a healing tool through a profound yet simple meditation practice that can be incorporated into daily life. The sound vibrations of your own voice tunes the chakras in a way that promotes internal awareness, a calming of the mind and a reduction in stress. Chanting the names of the Divine opens your heart faster than any other process and showers you with healing energies. 1-4 pm Register (link)

B. BHAKTI YOGA, A State of the Heart:  DASI Karnamrita

Sunday, August 9, 2015

DASI Karnamrita (a very personal workshop). Explore the depths of Bhakti from the Vaishnava lineage. A practice of intense love and devotion, which is not merely a state of emotionalism, but a thorough discipline and training of the mind by which can be accessed most directly through singing, the loving names of the Divine. 1-4 pm. Register (link)


RETREAT Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel for any reason, please notify us via email at vasa@jeffreyarmstrong.com no later than July1, 2015.

Your registration fee will be refunded less a $297 processing fee per person. No refunds will be made after this date for any reason. We have pre-paid for your room and board and this portion is non-refundable. Substitutions may be made by email until Aug 5, 2015.

We look forward to welcoming you to this year’s WISDOM Yoga Reteat – BhagaVancouver.

If you need a ride to the retreat center or if you can offer one – please contact Anthony Kuschak (anthony@kuschak.com) – we will do our best to help out. But please note that you are responsible for getting to and from the retreat on your own.

Arrive for the welcome lunch on Friday at noon depart Monday after closing program and breakfast by 10:30 am.

HanaWhat others have said:

For me, this experience is for the radical at heart, whatever your level of readiness. If you bring your hunger, you will be fed in the deepest sense. I have been…. ennobled to my knees by the beauty of Vedic philosophical thought, the very essence of creativity, in witnessing true devotion and the expression of truth. From this place, there is such clarity on how to move forward in the uniqueness of my being, treating all life with the reverence it has offered me. The Vedas are the most stunning and comprehensive system of spiritual thought I have ever been exposed to and I feel blessed to have had it imparted by a very special and devoted teacher, Kavindra Rishi. Ashley Rose

Thank you for putting on the most educationally inspiring, soul lifting, and delightful summer retreat. I will share it with humanity to remind them of our transcendental nature. Alice Zhou, Publicist

Jeffrey Armstrong is an outrageously gifted teacher, poet, astrologer, author, intuitive and conscious entrepreneur who invokes the wisdom of the yoga tradition in a soulful way for modern day life. He helps you to call upon your strengths in the tough areas of life and navigate your shadow self with empowering tools. His counsel is down-to-earth, compassionate, humorous, and deeply respectful to the unfolding creative energy that stirs within and calls to action your capacity to be of service to the greater whole. Sianna Sherman, Yoga Teacher

Alice Zhou

The whole VASA weekend is an immersion into your whole being coming into full awakening, aliveness and true happiness. I am forever grateful for the teachings of this lineage and the modern yet traditional way in which Jeffrey teaches.  The annual VASA retreat is the highlight of my year – I never miss it and I recommend anyone who is serious about yoga and who is living a powerful life as a leader and role model – to be there. The retreat was a highly worthwhile experience. It was an opportunity to take a break from the pressures of the material world and to immerse oneself in an intensive program of learning that provided tools for meditation on higher truths. Jeffrey’s taught that reminding ourselves of the greater universal context in which we live and thrive, can allow us to become steadied in our transcendental awareness, which can then give us the strength and determination to seek and perfect a creative outlet. Matt Granlund

All the days combined had a great combination of creative activities highly charged teachings from Jeffrey. It will take me some time to download all that was revealed to me. The overall weekend was fully charged with beauty and focused attention (DHARANA) and through this it will stay with me for a long time. I can feel your PURITY and highest intentions to share the wisdom with us. Hana Weinwurm, Yoga Teacher

Matt's QuoteIt is rare in today’s world that we get 3 days to sit at the feet of a master, who has dedicated their entire lives to bringing ancient knowledge and wisdom from the fountainhead of our culture back to us in our own language, in a way we can relate with and understand. Jeffery Armstrong represents the re-emergence of a true yogic culture, and is inspiring a new generation of thought-leaders and dharma-warriors. This teaching is refreshing and potent in a world where most people see spirituality as renunciation. Raamayan Ananda, Entrepreneur, musician

VASA’s retreat was fabulous this yearfilled with wonderful people, sincere satsang and, as always, Jeffrey’s incredible ability to bring the Vedas to life. Thank you, Sandi and Jeffrey, for your work in the world. You are so loved. Kimberly Ulrich, CAS/RN Ashland Ayurveda

The VASA retreat was one of the best experiences of my life. It was filled with knowledge about the Vedas, mantra meditation, yoga, healthy eating and just about every aspect of living a spiritual and health conscious life. Jeffrey’s knowledge and manner of presenting was fun filled, clear and easy to digest. It felt like a month long boot camp but rather it all happened over just one long weekend. I came out with loads of tools and techniques to take my life to the next level of success and happiness. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone and everyone. It should be mandated as “a rights of passage” into adulthood. Rohit Chokhani. Film/Theatre producer

For those of us who will most likely never live in an Ashram, the VASA – retreat was a Veda-cation. I still have to deal with the pull of family, work, and the material world. Therefore the restorative, invigorating, and reaffirming healing experienced during this retreat was precious and more valuable than gold to me. See you a next year’s retreat. Sharon Lygo, Semi-retired Administrator

Have you ever asked “Why am I here” or “what is my purpose” and” how can I strengthen my connection to the divine and become a co-creator?” I learned many ways to expand my creativity, make a stronger connection to the unwavering energy of the sun with the Gayatri Mantra, deeper understanding of many other mantras. Learning to connect with something greater than myself has been a turning point in my life. If you are searching for powerful ways to connect to the transcendental then these teachings may open up a new world of possibilities for you. I know it did for me. Diana Allen, Shaman of Vibration, Musician and Mixed Media Artist. Author of the forthcoming book, Be Your Own Healer

This plunge into the Vedic teachings has come at a time when my aging body, 63 and counting, has forced me to ask very important questions: What is the most purposeful thing I can do with the rest of my life? Who am I going to trust to show me this? …and “What do I need to learn to understand my purpose and live it?” Well I can confidently say Kavindra has done just that! He presented very clear and meaningful explanations to direct my focus. He takes great care to explain layers of detail with so much enthusiasm, his style of teaching are akin to theatre sports, alive with meaning, vibrating into my every cell of my body! Without any hint of exaggeration, but tempted to, I truly felt transformed after the weekend. Thank you Jeffrey and Sandi for creating such a beautiful way to learn about an amazing body of knowledge. You are truly a gift to humanity! Richard Locke

Jeffrey took us on a well-planned excursion through the essence of the Vedic teachings. Jeffrey has a masterful touch and his sincerity is only ever mirrored by his enthusiasm. The morning Sadhanas were an amazing start to each day as he took us into ourselves with mantra and verse. We were also treated to the most delicious foods all day long and Sandi’s ice chai kept us going through the long hot days. Drum circles, yoga, and dance practices energized and opened us up so that the learning could be more easily absorbed. The Sunday night entertainment was second to none and for the first time I performed three songs, and the butterflies finally left my stomach and entering my heart. Overall I am grateful for the friends and colleges I have met through this event and the VASA organization and for the profound teachings that Jeffrey has chosen to pass on to us as was done for him and his Gurus back through out time. Geza Villonyay

 Mantras: the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone.

They revitalize the body, calm the mind, soften the heart and deepen the divine connection within.



August 7, 2015 @ 12:00 pm
August 9, 2015 @ 5:00 pm
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Springbrooke Center
22778 72nd Avenue
Langley, BC V2Y 2K3 Canada

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