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Full Life Reading – (Natal Chart)

Natal Chart - Vedit Astrology
This is the best place to begin.

This reading includes all areas of life: relationship, family, health, career, dharma, spiritual tendencies – past present and future.
A generic 30 minute Intro will be emailed to you prior to your appointment along with details of your appointment. Its important to listen to this prior to your in-person or SKYPE session. It will answer the most commonly asked questions and prepare you to receive a FULL one hour with Jeffrey.

$300.00Add to cart

(You can purchase more time at $200/hr)


At the scheduled time, your one-on-one personal session is recorded to MP3 and will be emailed to you via drop box within a day or two. You will have 48 hrs to download to your desktop.

While all precautions are taken to ensure your session is recorded, we are NOT responsible should the technology fail. You are paying for the session with Jeffrey and NOT the recording. (If you wish – you can also record the session on your end). Additionally we do keep the copy for 14 days – after which time they are automatically deleted from our system.

Yearly Updates – for previous clients

Yearly Astrology Updates
If you lead an active life or when important life decisions need to be made, this reading is especially helpful. We recommend having an annual 1 hr update to observe and prepare for the next year.

Jeffrey gives an in depth analysis of the cycles and transits for the coming 6-18 months.
$250 – 60 minutes

$250.00Add to cart

Compatibility for Dating Purposes

Dating Compatibility

Many clients use Vedic Astrology during the dating process, to find a compatible life partner. With this service, they have a comparison done in the early stages of relationship – to determine unseen factors which may not be immediately present. Factors that it will ultimately affect the both of them.

$75 for previous clients – Normally 15 to 20 minutes.

$75.00Add to cart

For more information phone us ✆ 1-604-269-9642 or contact us to book.

Compatibility for Marital Purposes

Marital Compatibility

Ideally this service is used when couples are deciding who to marry. But married couples can use a similar process to improve their relationships and gain better appreciation of their similarities and differences.

In other words what is their combined karma this life time? Also timing of major events is a facet which can be examined. This service requires both clients have their full charts done and then the astrologer does an overlay of their combined charts.

$675 per couple.

$675.00Add to cart

For more information phone us ✆ 1-604-269-9642 or contact us to book/inquire.

Wedding Dates

Wedding Dates


Please provide 3 options in order of your preference.

Jeffrey will select the best astrological times from these or advise you to select other dates.

$250 flat rate.

$250.00Add to cart

For more information phone us ✆ 1-604-269-9642 or contact us to book/inquire.

Corporate Compatibilities

Corporate Compatibilities

Many corporations are also using Jyotish to determine the suitability of new employees to certain jobs and to assemble compatible management teams. Hidden personality traits and strengths are visible in the chart.

$250 for initial consultation.
$150 per team member.

By booking online you will be securing your reading with a $400.00 deposit. Full costs will depend on your individual needs, such as the number of team members involved.

$400.00Add to cart

Information supplied to key executives and additional team coaching may be recommended so that the team can understand the complexities that may be keeping the team from working most effectively.

For more information phone us ✆ 1-604-269-9642 or contact us to book/inquire.

Choosing an Auspicious Moment

Choosing an Auspicious Moment

Life is full of crossroads, important moments, special events and crucial decisions. Astrology is a wonderful tool for picking an auspicious moment and avoiding the pitfalls of adverse times.

As the science of time, Vedic astrology can be used to pick commencement dates for businesses, wedding dates, signing of contracts, surgeries and major purchase like homes or businesses.

$200 per hour (min $100 – based upon research time)
When booking online you are paying the full hourly rate at $200.00

$200.00Add to cart

For more information phone us ✆ 1-604-269-9642 or contact us to book/inquire.

Children’s Charts and Birth Timing

Birth Timing
Those who want to have children in a conscious way, often use astrology to choose the chart of the moment “of conception” and the likely “moment of birth”.

An Astrologer can help in having a male or female child and in picking a birth chart that is harmonious with the parents. Two to three hours consultation normally required with the mother. Best timing of c-sections is also a question Jeffrey can answer.
$200 per hour

$200.00Add to cart


In the East, when a baby was born the astrologer was called. From the knowledge offered by the astrologer, a child’s life can be guided in areas of education, health, spirituality and eventually marriage compatibility. It is customary to wait until the child is 1 year of age. If the parent(s) first have their own chart(s) done and then the children(s), the astrologer can view the entire family dynamics, providing very valuable insights into the “group” karma.
Please click the image below to order or call the office for more details. 1-866-872-6224

Children under 16 yrs $200
When several children are booked at the same time the next charts are discounted by $50.

For more information phone us ✆ 1-604-370-6970 or contact us to book/inquire.

Other Personal Consultation Services

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