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Personal Counseling

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Taking you from where you are… to where you want to be.


Combining spiritual enlightenment and material life skills.


Jeffrey’s work as an Enlightenment and Life Skills Strategist is based on the tools he discovered during his research into the Vedic sciences, experience gained during his corporate career, his study of Psychology and through his vast understanding of human nature. His methods go beyond the psychological or process based techniques currently popular today. In this way, he is able to take his clients to a whole new level of success combing spiritual enlightenment and material life skills.


Jeffrey has degrees in Psychology and History & Comparative Religion. As your personal and confidential consultant Jeffrey is available in a various capacities on various subjects listed below.


People from all walks of  life have benefited from his wise counsel.


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For clients wishing ongoing coaching in specific areas.


✦  Personal relationships and family situations.


✦  Communication skills and intimacy issues.


✦  Separation and divorce counseling – couples or individuals.


✦  Issues of fear, risk taking and setting boundaries.


✦  Learning to balance your family, career and spiritual lifestyle.


Rates: $200 per hour for individuals and $400 per hour for couples counselling


Conducted by phone or by SKYPE from the convenience of your office or home.


For more information please contact us or phone ✆ 1-866-872-6224


See Fast Track Coaching for ✦ Career management and negotiation strategies.


Personal Consultation Services Information
Jeffrey Armstrong is a human library of information and inspiration in the field of self-development, both spiritually and for day-to-day living. His seminars will change the way you see and live your life. Pete McCormack

Canadian author, filmmaker, screenwriter and musician

Jeffrey Armstrong is a kind of Spiritual Archaeologist. Searching the texts of the Vedas, Armstrong brings their essential meanings into the 21st century, giving us an alternative view of life that celebrates the individual, honors women, and maps out the correct approach to intimate relationships and our own mortality. Jeffrey has dedicated his life to bringing the Classical Yoga message, as revealed in the Vedas, with its positive, alternative, concept of being alive, to as many people as are willing to listen. He and his wife Sandi walk the walk, as well as talk the talk, and their lifestyle together inspires us all. Pia Shandel

Radio Host, Media Production Consultant

I have benefited from Jeffrey‘s wise counsel for the last 14 years and EVERY time I finish a session with him I have greater clarity, feel even more personal power and am blessed with a greater connection to the Divine. Yes, Jeffrey IS a Western Master of Eastern Wisdom and his audience and students are much richer for it, whether mastering a personal spiritual practice, understanding the tenets of Hinduism or benefiting from a Vedic astrological reading. Jeffrey seems to have a particular brilliance for explaining the esoteric (―What is karma?) in a way that is meaningful and applicable to our daily lives. Everyone interested in personal and spiritual growth will truly find Jeffrey to be a ―Goddess send! Michelle DeAngelis

Author of “Get a Life That Doesn’t Suck”, Management Consultant and Executive Coach

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