Dear reader

There are a couple of changes this month that we wanted to let you know about. 

 March 2 – Don’t miss the Free talk Wednesday at Chali-Rosso Art Gallery.

Jeffrey Armstrong will be speaking on “Soul Mating” INFO

How Ayurvedic Body types can make or break your relationships.

We already have 80 RSVP – there’s room for 100 – so make sure  you get your seat tonight! Its going to be a fun event

March 10 - Dessert & Philosophy with Jeffrey is on WED at 7 pm NOT SUNDAYINFO.

March 12 & 13 - Langara College will be hosting the relationship Seminar "Soul Mating" 
Cost is only $249 for the whole weekendINFO

You've been introduced to the concept of 10 Ayurvedic Body Types, each with unique and predictable personality traits. Now learning which one you are, and how to recognize those qualities in others will determine the quality of your partnerships and lifestyle as surely as what you eat will determine your physical and mental health.

The Logic of Love & The Art of Compatibility

At this 2 day seminar you will discover:

• How to implement NEW Strategies and a "NEW Contextual Premise" that will improve the psychological dynamics of your relationships

• Learn why relationships fail and how to use your "down time" between relationships wisely

• Learn how to choose a healthy relationship based on a unique and easily learned "Five LEVELS of Compatibility"

• And finally, learn how to develop a meaningful lifestyle for yourself - partnered or not!