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Dear reader, 

I had another greeting in mind for everyone this year and then Jeffrey sent this to me...and I had to  share it with you. I hope your vision of this wonderful Universe is expanded after you read what he wrote. I personally can't wait to share a whole week learning from him in Tulum - Feb 21-26.  Namaste Sandiji

A New Year Blessing for All Beings

"The truth has been lying on our table, an open book. But we have been lying to our-self about what we see, possibly because finally admitting that the universe is an endlessly and exquisitely beautiful mirror through which all that is possible is being revealed right before our wondering eyes, would require us to become bigger and more profound than we have ever been or even imagined we could be. So, this year, go ahead, I dare us all, look again at the miracle of Divine Artistry within and all around us and get ready to see the Artist everywhere and in all beings. Begin 2019 with this renewed attitude of Divine wonder. May we all see this exquisite vision of life and each other and all beings throughout the year and may that vision lead us to bring wisdom, success and beauty into life in all that we do."
Shri Bhagavan, this World is Your Reflection
My Beloved, this world is Your reflection,
A carbon-copy of Your perfection,
Projected throughout eternity,
The images of Your endless beauty-
Fill the air and vibrate through space,
Appearing as worlds in every place.
In the heat and light that endlessly burns,
As every revolving planet turns
And galaxies present, future and past,
Sailing across the darkness vast,
Are merely dots and lines of code,
Broadcast by You in Program-mode.
You the painter, with brush in hand,
Great architect of structures grand,
Skilled engineer Whose engines run,
The dynamos that heat the Sun.
Electrician filling the night with bolts,
Converted in the brain to Pico-volts,
Hydraulics master, you pump the streams,
Astronomer of stars that gleam,
You set the limits and fixed the speeds,
Make us hungry, then fill our needs,
Drive us mad with endless desire;
Forge our bones with a hidden fire.
Show us the gardens of Paradise,
Then crush it all with glacial ice,
Set the cosmic motions right,
So, planets hang in ebony night,
Elliptical orbits, like hidden tracks,
They race away, then come right back.
O Master of endless revolution,
Whose hidden blade carves evolution;
Your changing creations stay the same,
Secretly signed with Your countless names.
That sub-atomic signature,
Can only be seen when the heart is pure
And though in all you are revealed,
To the insincere Your form is concealed.
You sign each rock for those in bliss
But chained and locked, the others miss-
The obvious, to one obscure,
The other could not be more sure.
O sacred mystery, revealed in all,
Each painting down Your endless hall,
The open secrets You designed,
Are what each atma will someday find.
Until then Beloved, Your endless perfection,
Is visible in our own reflection.
Copyright 2018 Jeffrey Armstrong All Rights Reserved


All our best wishes for 2019.

May all be safe, may all be fed.

Jeffrey Armstrong - Director

Sandi Graham - Co-director & Registrar

VASA - Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts

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Smita Joshi & Jeffrey Armstrong: Part 2 of 4


 Jan 6, 2019 #2

4 Part Series on The Divine Beings of the Vedic Pantheon

Dessert & Yoga Philosophy with Jeffrey Armstrong 

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