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Dear reader, 

The custom of yogis and the ancient Chinese was to close the gates of the city 5 days before Solstice (Dec 21) and 5 days after. This is the time of year the energy of the Dragon goes to sleep - a time for the life force to regenerate. The craziness of today's holidays are so contrary to what Nature is doing, that the "frenzy" damages the nervous system and our health. May we suggest that you "take it easy" this season, make time to meditate, read, chant, reflect on the past year and decide what changes you will make in 2019?

Nurture yourself and those close to you - perform seva to those in need and strengthen your internal energies so that you may be a bright light in the world. The Dragon doesn't come out until February 5, 2019 when it dances down the street rejuvenated and with joy. Empower your life force by removing the old stories and start by making NEW choices for your good and the good of ALL.

All our best wishes for great holi-day(s).

May all be safe, may all be fed.

Jeffrey Armstrong - Director

Sandi Graham - Co-director & Registrar

VASA - Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts

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Latest interview on the Self Discovery Channel

Why Bhagavad Gita is INACCURATE in English - Jeffrey Armstrong - Part 1 of 4

UPDATE on the upcoming Bhagavad Gita Comes Alive! All verses are now complete and Jeffrey is working on the glossary and indexing. We are still looking for an artist to help with the cover art.


 Jan 6, 2019 #2

4 Part Series on The Divine Beings of the Vedic Pantheon

Dessert & Yoga Philosophy with Jeffrey Armstrong 

Attend in Vancouver --arrive 7 pm

On-line starts at 7:30 pm PST - register 24 hr in advance

Here's how you can register to be there in person or remotely!

LINK - see "attendance method"

You can pre-order all the MP3 classes for $60

Would you like to listen-in?

Each month Jeffrey Armstrong gives a #VedicWisdom Philosophy Class that is both inspiring and thought provoking from 7:30-9:30. There's a Q&A at the end - ask your best questions.  Please join us...ALL welcome.

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Limited to 30 persons - 8 spots left!


VASA Reunion Retreat Feb 21- 26, 2019

VEDANTA Wisdom Retreat with Jeffrey Armstrong

Once a year, Jeffrey Armstrong shares the best secrets of  #VEDICWisdom. This year we’ve booked a fabulous private estate in Mexico 60 miles from Cancun. 

This is a special MASTER CLASS RETREAT bringing together a select group of friends, VASA students, and yoga teachers who are avidly interested in fast-tracking their life and yoga practice. This year's theme is VEDANTA - the final conclusions. 

Be prepared to be deeply inspired and transformed…

The venue is AMAZING and sleeps a max of 30 people - so please reserve your spot early. Call the office if you want to set up a payment plan.

Change: Gina Sala is NOT coming this year. Pete McCormack will step in.

DEPOSIT $500 – I’m in – Save me a spot!

Plan to be inspired, rejuvenated, renewed! Ignite your passion with YOGIC WISDOM tools that will serve you for your entire life.


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NEW "AyurVedic Astrology Simplified" 9 3 hr classes

On-line VIDEO Course

Presented by Jeffrey Armstrong


PS. There are some new articles posted on Jeffrey's FB Notes page.