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A Late Newsletter :) 

Dear reader,

The Autumn Equinox has just past (equal day & night) and it announces my favorite time of year - time to enjoy the thousands of colors and the crisp weather in Vancouver. Having just returned from 3 weeks on the road - Chicago and sunny California - cooler weather is welcome!

There are 2 upcoming VASA | Jeffrey Armstrong events I would like to bring your attention to: Scroll down for more details:

1) Sunday Oct 7: The Monthly Yoga Philosophy Class/Webinar

2) A Special offering of the Soul Mating Course: 4 Tuesday evenings in October - open to singles or couples!

NEWS of our recent trips...  Jeffrey and I are grateful to all the wonderful friends we met in Chicago at the World Hindu Conference. There were 3500 brilliant people, amazing speakers from all walks of life including the VP of India, CEO's and honored spiritual leaders from around the world.  Your can listen to some of the speeches on their FB page.

Jeffrey gave a brief 1 Min talk as part of the VFA - Vedic Friends Association presentation. LISTEN here

Thank you to ALL the folks at BhaktiFest who hosted the biggest festival ever! It was an amazing endeavor and we were thrilled to be a part of the celebrations. We also opened up a new location in Redwood CA thanks to Kirtan Smith (Rebecca at Vibe Yoga) and we hope to come back soon. 

For MORE information:  More events will be added shortly!

Sincerely - hope to see you soon!

Sandi Graham - registrar

VASA - Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts



Oct 7 SUNDAY, 7:30 pm PST

Vedic Wisdom Series - 4 part

Yoga Philosophy WEBINARS with Jeffrey Armstrong

Would you like to listen-in? Each month Jeffrey Armstrong gives a Vedic Philosophy Class that is both inspiring and thought provoking from 7:30-9:30. There's a Q&A at the end - ask your best questions.  Please join us...ALL welcome.

• Register first

• Then download - free

• I'll send you a confirmation and a link for the webinar on Sunday 7:30-9:30 pm PST

• Click and learn - it's that EASY!

Cost: In person $20 (includes dessert), Webinar $15, Sound file only $15 CD

YOGA Teachers: Get your whole studio together - Email me to set up a profit sharing event.

Vancouver students - Come at 7 pm for dessert & social time!

Classes in the Vedic Wisdom Series so far: YOU CAN BACK ORDER THEM

• June Class 1: Modern Revelations from the Ancient Library.

Did you know that you have been influenced by Vedic knowledge for centuries and that according to Jeffrey Armstrong: “The archeological evidence that Sanskrit is in the mother of modern languages is in the mouths of every English-speaking person”?  The Vedas are an amazing repository of wisdom on a myriad of topics. In addition to deep spiritual thought, did you know that mathematics, geometry, astronomy & astrology, calculous, chemistry, metallurgy, atomic & molecular sciences, medicine, surgery, navigation, zero, and the Philosophy & Lifestyle of Yoga all originated in India and are described in considerable detail in the library of the Vedas. Jeffrey Armstrong brings this body of ancient wisdom to life and shows you how important this knowledge is to empower you personally and to bring healing to the planet.

• July Class 2: The Concept of Guru:

Why do you need one and how do you recognize a true carry of the Vedic wisdom – what are the symptoms. The vedic saying is: “If you don’t know what gold is, they when you go to buy it you will get cheated.”

• Oct 7 Class 3: The Various Paths of Vedanta:

Achieving states of Emptiness and Oneness are the preliminary steps that help us to reclaim our true transcendental Brahman nature. There are 4 different ultimate conclusions a person can hold – where do you go when you leave the body. This class will help you to distinguish and clarify which philosophical path the teacher is leading you to or teaching from.

• Nov 4 Class 4: The Epic stories of the Vedas:   Coming in November.



October 9, 16, 23, 30 (4 Tuesday Evenings)

Don't miss the Soul Mating Course

in Vancouver or register to view on-line

Whether you are single or coupled...Jeffrey Armstrong teaches how to implement NEW Strategies and a “NEW Contextual Premise” that will improve the psychological dynamics of all your relationships. I invite you to consider taking the opportunity to learn new skills - please view the details in the city links.

For Singles looking for the right partner
For Couples seeking to take their relationship to the next level.
For Anyone wanting better personal and work relationships

Details in link:  REGISTER


Jeffrey Armstrong teaches the Logic of Love

and the Art of Compatibility. Learn how to choose a

healthy relationship – based on a unique and easily learned

“Five LEVELS of Compatibility“ process.


February 21 -26, 2019

Calling all VASA Students!

VASA Reunion Retreat in Tulum Mexico  

February 21, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - February 26, 2019 @ 11:00 am
Tulum, Mexico Half Moon Bay , Mexico + Google Map
Price $1950  - Payment Plan Options

Plan to be inspired, rejuvenated, renewed! Ignite your passion with YOGIC WISDOM tools that will serve you for your entire life. Limited to 30 persons. If you have not been to a VASA retreat before please apply at [email protected]


You’re Probably Not the Sign You Think You are...

Jeffrey is asked all the time…What is the difference between Vedic Astrology and Western so I thought I’d post a chapter that explains it ….Read more.


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