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Last minute changes to the Californian schedule!

Due to a family illness Jeffrey's California trip is being cut short. We are postponing the UltiMate Relationship Seminar in Los Angeles until September (after Bhaktifest) BUT he will be available for charts  in LA - for only 2 days: May 16 & 17.

If you are meeting him at Shaktifest in Joshua Tree - he will make time for a few charts there. Please email: [email protected]

Jeffrey Armstrong will be presenting 3 Talks at ShaktiFest

Friday May 11 at 2:30, Sat. at 1 pm and Sun at 10:30 - All talks are 90 min.

Register for the whole fabulous weekend - See you there!

Thanks for staying in touch and for being a part of our global community.

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Have a great May and see you soon,

Sandi Graham

Registrar Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts

VASA Reunion Retreat Feb 21- 26, 2019

Vedanta Wisdom with Jeffrey Armstrong

NOTE: To our VASA students attending the Mexico retreat Feb: Your deposits are due May 30 and remember you can save $200 if you pay in full.

There's a private message in this link from Jeffrey to you. Please take a few minutes to read it.

Remember your early commitment helps us make the prepayment to the venue - and we so appreciate it.


June 3, 2018 Dessert & Yoga Philosophy with Jeffrey Armstrong 

Vancouver arrive 7 pm BUT on-line 7:30 pm PST

Here's how you can register to be there in person or remotely!



"You go to the gym to excercise your body,

the library to exercise your brain - what are you doing for your atma each day?"  ~ Jeffrey Armstrong


Nov 30, 2018 Jeffrey will be presenting the Pre-Festival full-day workshop on the "Science & Psychology of an Ayurvedic Astrological Consultation: Finding the balance between knowledge, language and counseling"  -- Friday is ONLY $75. but do register for the FULL conference - its wonderful opportunity to ask questions andl earn for some of the BEST Vedic Astrologers in N. America.

See you there, 

Jeffrey Armstrong | Kavindra Rishi

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