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WOW! Less than 10 days until 2018! Solstice 2017 occurred at 8:28 a.m. on Dec 21. This year Saturn and the Sun are conjunct in Saggitarius. They were 6'and 5 min of the sign Saggitarius on Dec 21 at 1 pm.  Saturn and the Sun are enemies, therefore their conjunction is considered conflicted and this will affect everyone differently according to their chart. Dec 21 & 22 are important calendar dates for many reasons, some of which Jeffrey will share in the article on Ganesh|Janus below. You may be surprised at the origins of Christmas and the New Year.


But I like to remember the Solstice because it is the date that Jeffrey and I renew our vows each year. It's been 21 years that we are together but the solstice marks our 18th wedding anniversary. Why every year? Because we don't take each other for granted - it keeps us on our best behavior -- thankful for all the blessings we bring to each other and for our combined strengths that help us fulfill our dharma. The UltiMate Relationship really does provide you with the skills to select the right partner, handle day to day conflicts, increase intimacy and offer you a spiritual component that is missing in so many of today’s relationship models.

We've had a great year, as far as the amount of classes and the number of people we have taught this year. We had many friends and students who contributed their time and resources to make our on-line courses a reality for students world-wide in 2018. ( For brevity, I am not going to name everyone...but both Jeffrey and I want you all to know how much we appreciated all your help! YOU know who you are!  

We also had the  honor of co-teaching with many well-respected yoga teachers, and speaking at some of the best yoga festivals and conferences this past year. Jeffrey did many radio & video interviews, including 2 documentaries just released for Soulvana|MindValley (see below). More blessings to come in 2018 and you can join us!

I am also thrilled to report that Jeffrey is finally working on the LAST chapter of the Bhagavad Gita Comes Alive! So in January we will start on the final edits and formatting. In addition, he's been simultaneously working on a 2nd book: "108 Sanskrit Words that were Used to Colonize India" ~  atleast that's the working title for now! I am starting to look for a project manager, editors and graphic artists to help complete this project.       

Please note that the January class has changed to accommodate Jeffrey's trip to India on Jan 6 - come by and say goodbye. Class is on FRIDAY Jan 5. 7pm

I know most people don't have time to read newsletters these days..but I do hope you get this far so that you we can express our gratitude to all our subscribers, students, friends and partners for a great year. 

Make “love” your default setting for 2018 and I hope we see you very soon.


In Service,


S. Graham - Registrar
Jeffrey Armstrong – Director

VASA - Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts

Lost Vedic Secrets

Ganesh/Janus, and the Lost Hindu/Vedic Secrets of Christmas and New Years Eve

During the months of December and January, much of the world observes the transition from one year to another. It is no accident that Christmas and the New Year Holiday celebration takes place in the last days of December and on the first day of January. In our modern times... Read more.


Click on the photo to listen to these interviews. You may have to enter Jeffrey Armstrong in the search box.

2 interviews are already up and the 3rd is being released on Dec 25.

This channel is for people who love occult science and spirituality and are passionate about learning the ancient truths of Vedic Astrology.

Jeffrey has only a few openings for Astrology clients before he leaves for India on Jan 6. I suggest you book now for your annual 2018 chart.He's available again after Jan 20, 2018.

Book here: or email the office at [email protected]  


Jan 5, Feb 11:“Dessert & Yoga Philosophy”

in Vancouver or view on-line: 3 options to hear these fabulous classes 

Once a month in Vancouver, VASA hosts an advanced Satsang with Jeffrey Armstrong and this year we are also inviting our out of town students to join us via 

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Body Soul & Spirit EXPO Feb 2-4

Feb 2-4: We're asking all our students to come out to the Body Soul & Spirit Conference  - VASA will have a booth there. Get a weekend pass! Jeffrey is giving 3 talks and a workshop. Check it out!


More opportunities to learn from Jeffrey this year!

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