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Dear reader Namaste,

The 1st Sunday of each month in Vancouver, VASA hosts an advanced Satsang with Jeffrey Armstrong and this month we'd also like to invite our out of town friends to join us via  Its easy! Register, download the app and then we'll send you a link - click and learn -- that easy!

Last month's class was on Radha Krishna, where Jeffrey told wonderful stories of the Divine Couple - this month he'll share stories of Shiva & Shakti! We'll be in the garden under the moonlight - care to join us? Register here


Below are more ways you can learn from Jeffrey this year!


Jeffrey is currently teaching an 8 part Ayurvedic astrology course you can view online. Did you see the video Jeffrey did on the KRS channel ? 

Register for the AyurVedic Astrology 8 week Course....Master astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong takes you step by step thru the process of "seeing" the Vedic charts. At the end of the course you will have a deeper understanding of people's characteristics, an ability to hear, see and feel the energetic qualities that the planets bestow a person and the analytical capabilities to read a chart from scratch. Of course, Vedic astrology takes years to master... but learning these layered fundamentals as only a master teacher like Jeffrey Armstrong can explain is invaluable to your learning of Vedic astrology and as a life tool. This 8 weeks of Vedic Astrology classes are based on his best selling "The Vedic Learning Deck and the Karma Book.

Most of the time clients come to an astrologer to help them solve a life problem.  How the Astrologer delivers the "upaya" or " healing medicine" is often much more important than merely telling them the astrological configurations (which the astrologer must also know). So, if you have a practical (or avid) interest in Vedic Astrology or if you wish to improve your counseling skills as an already practicing Vedic astrologer, or just to deepen your understanding and comprehension of the science of Jyotish - Jeffrey Armstrong is definitely the Master astrologer from whom to learn. Jeffrey's teaching technique is very psychological, less technical, yet very profound.

Once you register, you will be able to view the entire series from the comfort of your own home on your computer.

For DETAILS and to Register:  Go to

8 week course only $299. Books extra.

** we'll be adding an optional additional 9th class at the end. $50. Details in the 8th class.

Please order: "The Vedic Astrology Deck", and "Karma the Ancient Science of Cause & Effect" by Jeffrey Armstrong separately from

• You will need the deck by the 2nd class  and the Karma book is important read for the course.




Other EVENTS with Jeffrey Amstrong

There are many opportunities to learn from Jeffrey this year, including on-line learning courses, yoga festivals and our annual Wisdom Retreat being held at a gorgeous private estate near Tulum, Mexico.

IMPORTANT MEXICO Reminder: We are 50% SOLD OUT - please make your deposit so we can save you a spot. VIEW details. Airline tickets are cheap right now!

I hope you are doing well...if we don't see you have a great summer!

Please stay in touch and if you have a question call me.

Sandi Graham:  1-866-872-6224

Co-Director VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts


 “It is my wish that these online classes will escalate your personal evolution, expand your mind, open your heart and impart the skills that will enlighten an international network of thought-leaders and consultants who use these tools of sacred learning to heal and promote well-being throughout the world.” ~ Jeffrey Armstrong


The Yoga & Music Experience of a Lifetime.

September 6-11, 2017 • Joshua Tree, CA

Join with us and this amazing group: Jai UttalSaul David RayeShiva ReaJaya Lakshmi and AnandaDonna De LoryMas VidalJeffrey ArmstrongSheela BringiGovind Das and Radha and so many more.
Your presence will make this special gathering the best yet!
Tickets are on sale and are only $325 for this beautiful event. Get yours soon before prices rise to the next level. SAVE $50 use CODE Jeffrey2017  


For quicker updates please refer to EVENTS not all are listed here.

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