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Dear reader Namaste,

Besides the fact that we are very excited to have secured a fabulous Mexican RETREAT location to host our VASA annual retreat next November there are many opportunities to learn from Jeffrey this year including on-line learning courses. We look forward to reconnecting with you and perhaps seeing you in some exotic place on the planet this year!

Jeffrey also has an important astrological comment he wanted to share with you today...

"On Jan 26, 2017 Shani changed from the sign of Scorpio, which it entered Nov 2, 2014 and entered the sign of Sagittarius. If you were born with you moon in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn in your Vedic birth chart, this change will be particularly life changing for you. So how does this affect me you ask? " more: in this link.

Click on this link for an excerpt on the "Bhagavad GIta Comes Alive". A short  video message from Jeffrey. Coming Soon... a NEW 8 part on-line video course!!

QUICK overview of the next few months...with more details below

• Teaching in Vancouver until March 15

• The UltiMate Relationship Seminar held in Vancouver Feb 24-26

• BaliSpirit Festival March 18-April 5

• Shaktifest in May 12,13,14 we will have discounted tickets for you shortly

• Corona CA May 16,17, 18

• Los Angeles May 19,20,21

• Coronado May 22

• VASA Annual retreat in Mexico!! --- Nov 30 - Dec 5. EARLY BIRD: SAVE $100 by making your deposit before Feb 14,2017.This event sells out quickly! Check it out 

What else is NEW???

We just posted some NEW ARTICLES and Jeffrey has a NEW e-book "The Possibility of Eternal Relationship", The Three Fold Nature of Endless Beauty.  DOWNLOAD HERE.  We hope you enjoy them... 

Donations are being accepted to help us complete the Bhagavad gita Book and Video Project. Every little bit helps - thank you.

We hope you are doing well...please stay in touch and if we can be of any assistance call me!  1-866-872-6224

Sandi Graham

Co-Director VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts on behalf of Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi): Founder VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts


Vancouver REMINDER:

DESSERT & Yoga Philosophy  With Jeffrey Armstrong

Feb 5, 2017  REGISTER


The Bhagavad Gita Comes Alive 

8 Part Series Starting Jan 11 - March 1, 2017
Ongoing Wed. Evenings 6:45 pm – 10 pm

Jeffrey Armstrong reveals the secret codes and hidden meanings of the classic Yogic text.The Bhagavadgita is not just an ancient story but it continues to unfold today. Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi) is not only a scholar of Vedic literature but a master storyteller who skillfully unveils the characters, the hidden meanings and initiations within this classic text.This 8-part SERIES is full of practical and spiritual knowledge that will satisfy any serious seeker...begin your journey now.



Are You Ready for a Quality Relationship?

When we fall in love, everything seems possible, but what happens to that vision over time, and why do our relationships seem doomed to disappoint us? Jeffrey Armstrong links the deep hunger for partnership with the Sacred and brings new insight, processes and tools to help you lay the groundwork to have the UltiMate™ Relationship. You may be in a partnership now or you may be looking for one –  this course will nourish you on all levels. Join us for a transformational weekend! REGISTER

Feb 24,25,& 26,2017  Weekend

The UltiMate™ Relationship Seminar

 Presented by Best-selling Author and Relationship Expert

Jeffrey Armstrong

Learn the Logic of Love & The Art of Compatibility:

Whether you are in a partnership now or looking for one – this course will provide you with the skills to select the right partner, handle day to day conflicts, increase intimacy and offer you a spiritual component that is missing in so many of today’s relationship models. Jeffrey links modern science, psychology, and male/female health with the Vedic sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Jyotish including the initiations into many mantras, yantras and tantras.

This is an advanced relationship course – there are no “process” situations where you will have to divulge “old relationship patterns.” Your time will be spent learning a NEW paradigm that will enhance all of your relationships — for the rest of your life.

Feb 24,25,& 26,2017  weekend

• Starts Friday night 7-10 pm. and Sat & Sun. 10 – 6

• Price $695 plus tax REGISTER

• Early bird registration By Jan 30,  Save $100 REGISTER

• Audit (previous attendees) $225 plus tax REGISTER

• FOR QUESTIONS CALL: 604-269-9642  *Includes all course materials / Meals & Beverages / gst not included

• Where: Vancouver address given with registration.

Out of town guests note: there are many airbnb's in our area - come enjoy a few extra days in beautiful Vancouver

Archanam - the Mysteries of Divine Form

Archanam - the Mysteries of Divine Form

The root meaning of the Greek, Latin and English words arch, arc, ark, is the Sanskrit word arch. This arch gives rise to the archa vigraha or Divine Form, otherwise known as the deity form of the Transcendental Being. By adding nam the word becomes Archanam which means to worship the eternal forms of the Parama Purushas or Supreme Persons. In Greek the same word became arkhe which means - a beginning.

Read more.


March 19-26, 2017 Bali Spirit Festival

Is Bali is on your Bucket List?? Bali Spirit Festival is celebrating their 10th anniversary with tickets for every need ~ half day to the FULL experience. See you there.

Early Bird prices end February 1st

so hurry up and  book your tickets.

*Jeffrey will be there until April 5, 2017


SHAKTI FEST 2017 - Shakti Fest Number Seven!  May 12,13,14.

Join with us and this amazing group: Jai UttalSaul David RayeShiva ReaJaya Lakshmi and AnandaDonna De LoryMas VidalJeffrey ArmstrongSheela BringiGovind Das and Radha and so many more.
Joshua Tree will blossom this spring with the vital energies of spiritual celebration. Your presence will make this special gathering the best yet!
Shakti Fest Tickets are on sale and are only $200 for this beautiful event. Get yours soon before prices rise to the next level in February.


For quicker updates please refer to EVENTS not all are listed here.

• Jeffrey articles & commentary HERE There's lots on interesting learning there.

• VASA Vedic Academy of Science & Arts FB Page where we post a lot of interesting articles pertaining to yoga and India. HERE

• Jeffrey's personal Facebook Page HERE

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