Dear California Friends & Clients


There’s nothing better than summer in California and we are planning to be there Aug 28- Sept 12! We are looking forward to seeing you, if possible, at one of our California events! 

*Additionally if you or a friend would like a chart or to UPDATE your Vedic chart let me know, ideally before we depart, so Jeffrey has lots of time to study your life chart! For more info: Click Here

There are some major planetary changes right now – in particular Saturn and Jupiter.

Staying in touch, 
Sandi on behalf of Jeffrey Armstrong


Quick overview: 

Aug 28-30 Ojai Yoga Certification with Saul David Raye Lectures & charts

Sept 1 – 2 Corona “How to Control the Quivering Mind” The Psychology of Yoga INFO

Sept 3 Santa Monica: “How to Control the Quivering Mind” The Psychology of Yoga: “Saul & Jeffrey” INFO 

Sept 6-7 San Diego: For charts only 

Sept 7-12 Bhakitfest: Joshua Tree Use Discount Code JeffreyArmstrong2016. We also have a few extra discounted tickets if you need them.


Saturday Sept 3, 2016 How to Control the Quivering Mind

Join 2 master teachers for an inspiring day of asana, bhakti and jnana yoga!

2:30– 5 pm: The Psychology & Lifestyle of Yoga with Jeffrey Armstrong & Saul David Raye: 
Afternoon Workshop COST: $35

TOPIC: How can we stay balanced even during great difficulties and not be controlled by anger, fear, material attachment or the desire for sensual pleasure? Most indecision comes from not understanding the controlling material processes of the 3 gunas, and indecision exhausts one’s mental strength, and diminishes success.

So, how do we stand back from a quivering mind? When a yogi brings their manas (thinking, feeling, willing and memory faculties) to balance – they achieve shanti through correct yogic discernment or buddhi and soon become steady.