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Aug 7 Dessert & Yoga Philosophy Vancouver
Aug 28-30 Ojai Yoga Certification
Sept 7-12 Bhakti Fest Joshua Tree
Dec 1-7 Hawaii Birthday Retreat
March 19-26,2017 BaliFest, Ubud 


Dear reader

The summer festival season is on and its been an exciting few months…kids are home and family and friends get together. For the last 60 days…we’ve been stationary in Vancouver and Jeffrey has been avidly working on his Bhagavadgita translation, with new discoveries each day on just how badly the Sanskrit has been mistranslated – but more on that in later months.

We are also preparing for the fall-winter touring programs which starts end of Aug. We look forward to reconnect with old friends we cherish, and to meet enthusiastic new students. Check our travel schedule and see if we are going to be in your area.

Full listing: view them here.

IN BRIEF: Jeffrey is scheduled to be in Vancouver, California, Corona, Los Angeles, Hawaii, India and Bali. Sorry the Bahamas was postponed to 2017 due to Jeffrey’s December India tour. 


FYI: Here’s an example of a clarified translation of an important verse in the Bhagavadgita:

This is from the ‪#‎Bhagavad‬‬ Gita Chapter 2 verse 13 which says: "Dehino smin yatha dehe...kaumaaram yauvanam jaraa....tathaa dehaantara praaptir.....dhiras tatra na muhyati......" Which is translated: "Just as a person grows in their 'deha' or physical body from childhood, to youth, to adulthood and then to old age, so at the death of the 'deha' (the burnable part), the 'dehi' or immortal self migrates to another deha (five element body). One who understands this process is not confused by these changes.... (From the forthcoming translation of "The Gita Comes Alive" by Jeffrey Armstrong) Note the double aa in a transliterated sanskrit word is held twice as long as a single a.

More infomation on The Gita Comes Alive can be found here



Vancouver Events: Aug 7, Sunday
"Dessert & Yoga Philosophy” with Jeffrey Armstrong in Vancouver 7 pm – 9:30pm
RSVP required – Topic: "The Quivering Mind"


Saul David Raye, Mas Vidal and Jeffrey Armstrong share their wisdom in Ojai this summer - exciting!


August 23– Sept 1, 2016 in Ojai, CA
Earth & Sky: Sacred Circle Immersion


An Immersion for Teachers + Students who wish to dive deeply into an Embodied, Heart/Soul Centered Yoga Practice. Drawing on the teachings of Yoga, Tantra, Shamanism & Universal Light.10-day Residential program at a beautiful retreat center in Ojai with healing Ayurvedic /Vegetarian food. With Saul David Raye & special guest teachers:

Jeffrey Armstrong – Yoga philosophy + Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda (Available for Vedic Astrology charts) Please book in advance (Jeffrey classes Aug 28, 29, 30)
Mas Vidal – Ayurveda + Yoga


Sept 1st and 2nd
Corona, CA. at Yoga Den

Lecture Thursday evening 7pm – Charts available Thursday and Friday
Contact Leeza at


Sept 3,4,5,6 Los Angeles 

Available to see Private clients for Vedic charts & Fast Track sessions.
[email protected] or 604-771-1030


Sept 7-12 Bhakti Fest, Joshua Tree, CA.



This is an amazing festival celebrating Bhakti through yoga, music and wisdom teachings!


You can use Jeffrey’s Discount code for 10% off: JeffreyArmstrong2016
Anyone need discounted tickets? - we have:
2 FULL pass tickets (no accommodation) for $275 / Value $350 ea.
1 FULL pass ticket with camping included. for $350 / Value $450 ea.
Contact Sandi in the office. First come on these - get your tickets early before they increase August 15th!



DEC 1-7 2016 Hawaii
The Secrets of 70 years of Wisdom in 7 days of Amazing Learning

This is selling out FAST!!  We have 7 beds available on the estate.  Late registrants will have to find an Airbnb or hotel.  Bringing together friends, VASA students, and yoga teachers who are avidly interested in fast-tracking their life and yoga practice in paradise. Details



March 19-26, 2017 Festival dates – Jeffrey will be there longer! 

Is Bali is on your Bucket List?? Bali Spirit Festival is celebrating their 10th anniversary with tickets for every need ~ half day to the FULL experience. See you there. 


Well that’s the immediate news in brief… For quicker updates please refer to EVENTS
We look forward to seeing you in some exotic place on the planet this year!

Live an inspired life,

Sandi Graham Co-Director VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts

Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi) Founder VASA

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