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» 09-Modern Psychology and the Ayurvedic Body Types

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The Psychology of Yoga

Modern Psychology and the Ayurvedic Body Types: class 9

In the 1930’s, a psychologist names William Sheldon introduced the world to a temperament based system of categorizing people according to their body-shape, type and functioning. His model was based upon the four humors of Greek medicine. But their knowledge came from and earlier system from India, the ayurvedic five element theories of vatta, pitta and kapha. Since yoga has come to the west, ayurveda and the knowledge of body types have also been flourishing and are now creating a new branch of healing and counseling. Jeffrey Armstrong drawing upon his knowledge of ayurveda and astrology was the first Vedic astrologer to make the provable connections between the Vedic body types and one’s personal Vedic astrology chart. His pioneering book on the subject won NEW Age Book of the Year in 2002


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