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The Night We First Met: A Mystic Journey


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In the tradition of Kalidas, Blake, Mirabai, Rumi, Shelly, Hafiz, Keats, Poe, Tagore and Gibran, and all the great and inspiring poets whose words touch our hearts and heal our souls, we are pleased to present the timeless poetry of Kavindra.

Mystical poetry seeks to reproduce very subtle states of spiritual perception. In India, the Bhakti and Tantric schools of mystical poetry speak in a voice that longs for intimacy with the Divine Beloved. They attempt to reveal the emotions exchanged in the relationship between the soul and the Eternal Lover or God.

As an initiate and practitioner of those ancient teachings, Kavindra embodies and is able to pass on the sublime fruits of those sacred traditions. This initiates the listener directly into the ecstatic emotional states of spiritual bliss. His poems are windows into the Divine realms revealed to him during profound states of meditation.

We have chosen 108 of his best devotional poems for this collector’s edition.

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