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6 Steps to an Enlightened Lifestyle: Complete Series


Why are we here and what is our purpose? If you’ve ever considered the idea that it was no accident that you were born, then the next thought should be, “How should I live and what should I do that fulfills the reason for my life?” Dharma looks at what rules constitute right living so that we are not only in alignment with our purpose, but also with the well being of all living beings and the entire planet.

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This series is the best place to begin your studies of yoga philosophy. In these six core classes, Jeffrey Armstrong presents key elements of the Vedic knowledge in a manner relevant to the Western lifestyle. Designed and taught with the beginner in mind, but also recommended for the seasoned yogic practitioner, he develops a step-by-step progression to living a more spiritual and yogic life, and provides guidance for implementing and integrating these new tools.

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Included are the following lessons

01—Life Without Fear
02—How to Live a Spiritual Lifestyle
03—The UltiMate™ Relationship Introduction
04—How to Establish Your Dharma and Achieve Right Livelihood
05—Yoga / Tantric Creativity Sexuality
06—Healing With Mantras – Speaking Your Truth


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