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Class Six

Product Description

Class Six in The Psychology of Yoga: psychotheology

▸ Available format: mp3 direct download.
▸ Single MP3’s are all downloadable at $15/class.
▸ When you purchase the whole series at once on MP3 you SAVE, paying just $9.99 for each class.

Included in the Psychology of Yoga series are the following lessons:

Class 1 – The Origins of Yoga and Psychology
Class 2 – The Thought Paradigms that Gave Rise to Psychology
Class 3 – Male and Female Psychology and the Sun Moon Meditation
Class 4 – The Three Levels of Yoga Psychology
Class 5 – Exploring the Subtle Realms
Class 6 – Psycho-theology-The Pinnacle of Personhood
Class 7 – Symbols and Archetypes in Psychology and Yoga
Class 8 – Male and Female-Human and Divine
Class 9 – Modern Psychology and the Ayurvedic Body Types
Class 10 – The Chakras and The Hierarchy of Needs
Class 11 – From Addiction to Enlightenment
Class 12 – Humanis Empathicus
Class 13 – Secrets of Dhyana or Meditation
Class 14 – The Atma and The Unconscious Mind
Class 15 – Transitions, gaps, Black Holes and Quirks
Class 16 – Imprinting and How Our Mind Is Controlled
Class 17 – Body Types and Gunas the Missing Para
Class 18 – Reprograming the Biocomputer with Yoga Part 1
Class 19 – Reprograming the Biocomputer with Yoga Part 2
Class 20 – Bhakti, Emotions and the 10 Senses
Class 21 – How Our Story Creates Our Identity
Class 22 – Ecstacy Neutrality Ego


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