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00—Jnana Yoga Complete Series (4 Classes)


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Are you looking for a Universal and Global perspective? Jñana Yoga is the origin of the word gnosis or knowing and is the process of seeing one’s true self by direct discernment. This four part series will cultivate your discernment, expand your consciousness in all areas of your life and will accelerate your ongoing spiritual journey.

▸ Available format: mp3 direct download.
▸ Single MP3’s are all downloadable at $15/class.
▸ When you purchase the whole series at once on MP3 you SAVE, paying just $9.99 for each class.

Included are the following lessons:

01—Jñana Yoga – Relighting the Lamp of Wisdom
02—Jñana Yoga – Knowledge of the True Self, Liberation & Cooperation with Nature
03—Jñana Yoga – Knowing the Individual & Cosmic Self
04—The Relationship Between Jñana Yoga and Vedanta


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