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The 3 Doshas: Your Ayurvedic Body Type


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The 3 Doshas: Your Ayurvedic Body Type

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The 3 Doshas: Your Ayurvedic Body Type

The term “dosha” used in the Indian medical system of Ayurveda means “a faulty thing.” In Ayurveda there are three main body-types called doshas: vata, pitta & kapha. They are called faulty because the five elements tend to separate from one another.This ancient system based on the 5 elements, is accurate in its ability to determine your innate propensities, your body type and your personality from birth. Unlike the complexity of the gene code, this easy to learn pattern recognition system enables you to determine your compatibility with potential partners, how to eat right for your body type, which environment is most suitable in which to live and work.

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