Level 1 - Yoga Wisdom & Lifestyle How to's

3 Series: Providing a step-by-step progression to living a more spiritual and yogic lifesyle. Beginner - Advanced


Level 1 - New to Yoga

The 3 series presented on this level are for people new to yoga philosophy and for teachers who wish to add this knowledge to their classes.

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Six Steps to an Enlightened Lifestyle

This series is the best place to begin your studies of yoga philosophy. Here Jeffrey presents key elements of the Vedic knowledge in a manner relevant to the Western lifestyle.
6 Classes

7 Steps to Greater Freedom

We recommend this series following the 6 Steps to an Enlightened Lifestyle. We suggest that you explore this series fully in order to broaden your yogic knowledge and to support the integration of these key elements into your life. 7 Classes

Sacred Lifestyles

Fueling the mind-body. Reducing down-time and improving the quality of one’s environment are key factors in today’s lifestyles. Based on the Vedic holistic distinctions (the three Gunas) – you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t taught this!
4 Classe

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