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Here is what friends and clients are saying about Jeffrey

We invite you to share your experiences with Jeffrey, please email us at: vasa@jeffreyarmstrong.com

“Jeffrey Armstrong is a human library of information and inspiration in the field of self-development, both spiritually and for day-to-day living. His seminars will change the way you see and live your life.”
Pete McCormack is a Canadian author, filmmaker, screenwriter and musician. He is best known for directing the Academy Award short-listed documentary Facing Ali. www.petemccormack.com

“Jeffrey Armstrong is a kind of Spiritual Archaeologist. Searching the texts of the Vedas, Armstrong brings their essential meanings into the 21st century, giving us an alternative view of life that celebrates the individual, honors women, and maps out the correct approach to intimate relationships and our own mortality. Jeffrey has dedicated his life to bringing the Classical Yoga message, as revealed in the Vedas, with its positive, alternative, concept of being alive, to as many people as are willing to listen. He and his wife Sandi walk the walk, as well as talk the talk, and their lifestyle together inspires us all. ”
Pia Shandel, Radio Host, Media Production Consultant.

“I have benefited from Jeffrey‘s wise counsel for the last 14 years and EVERY time I finish a session with him I have greater clarity, feel even more personal power and am blessed with a greater connection to the Divine. Yes, Jeffrey IS a Western Master of Eastern Wisdom and his audience and students are much richer for it, whether mastering a personal spiritual practice, understanding the tenets of Hinduism or benefiting from a Vedic astrological reading. Jeffrey seems to have a particular brilliance for explaining the esoteric (―What is karma?) in a way that is meaningful and applicable to our daily lives. Everyone interested in personal and spiritual growth will truly find Jeffrey to be a ―Goddess send!”
Michelle DeAngelis – Author of “Get a Life That Doesn’t Suck”, Management Consultant and Executive Coach to Fortune 100 companies. www.michelleinc.com

“I’ve been personally & spiritually mentored by Jeffrey for over 14 years and have felt balanced and spiritually aligned with my truth because of the teachings he provides. I am grateful to him for serving in this magnificent way.”
Hemalayaa – Yogini. Media appearances include: LA Yoga, Yogi Times, Fit Yoga, The New York Times, the May 2009 cover of Yoga Journal Magazine, as well as Ellen and The Today Show. www.Hemalayaa.com

“There is no one who articulates the truth of the Vedic knowledge of India like Jeffrey Armstrong. In my forty years of study and practice of yoga he is the only one I know who perfectly combines spiritual knowledge, Western Psychology, humor and story telling. He is the real thing.”
Gary Bello, Author of “Enlightening Moments: Exiting The Frustration Cycle”, Relationship Consultant, Yoga Teacher www.pacifichorizonconsulting.com

“I have been blessed to have many amazing teachers during my two-decades journey along the path called Yoga. None however have taken me as deeply and gracefully into the rich and vast world of Vedic knowledge as Jeffrey Armstrong. He has an unwavering dedication to the truth, an unquestionably brilliant mind and an uncanny ability to interpret some of the most comprehensive and complex ancient texts in a way that makes them immediately accessible and relevant today. Beyond that, at the root of all his wisdom and teachings, is a loving and compassionate heart living in service to us all.”
Frank Fitzpatrick, Music producer and Film Composer www.frankfitzpatrick.com. Founder/Director of EarthTones “Healing the World Through Music” www.earthtones.org

I had the honor to first meet and work with Jeffrey in 2005, as I geared up for my 7th Ironman triathlon competition and had felt the wave of, what‘s next in my life running along beside me. Since that fateful day in late August, we have worked as a team: student and coach as I reached higher, living my life deeper as he masterfully mentored a student like me. I also received the gift of friendship with this super cool, wise, funny, insightful master teacher of our time. Since that 1st life changing session Jeffrey‘s teachings have helped me gain insights on my ―true life path and how it all made sense. Every word and lesson, taught with wisdom, incredible accuracy, sensitivity and a healthy dose of laughter helping an expanding, growing, healing heart. Jeffrey was integral in mentoring me as I realized a big ―life path dream, running 11,000 miles around North America while speaking to 35,000 kids on a tour to inspire environmental action called ―Run for One Planet. Since then, Jeffrey has once again mentored and coached me as I began riding the next wave of mycareer in voice, film and speaking. I am honored and grateful to work with this master mentor. And I am equally honored and grateful to call him my friend:)
Matt Hill, Ironman – Run For One Planet www.matt-hill.com

Once in a lifetime, you meet a teacher who can help you understand the truth and inspires you to stand up and be who your soul is calling you to be. Jeffrey’s uncanny ability to articulate the ancient knowledge of India in a fresh, relevant and applicable way gives you strategies to navigate this world and remain connected to the Divine. How can you serve if you are afraid to be or do what your soul has come to learn? This knowledge arms you with the most freedom you will ever experience — the courage to choose.
Amy Armstrong, VP of Marketing, Phoenix AZ

Jeffrey is an intelligent and gifted teacher, and the knowledge he has shared with me during the years that I‘ve studied with him, blesses my life every day. If you
desire a lucid, inspirational and prescient illumination of India‘s Vedic knowledge and the Bhagavad-gita, listen to Jeffrey!
Richelle Jarrell, Author, Reiki Teacher, Vedic Astrologer, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor

Jeffrey‘s poetic descriptions of the Veda’s and the Feminine Divine made me fall in love with India. For the last 15 years his clarity and passion for the Vedas inspired
me so deeply that today as a full time artist and jewelry designer – everything I create is a reflection of this great knowledge. He makes the knowledge inspirational, comprehensive and so approachable.
Sonja Picard, Artist, Jewelry Designer. www.sonjapicard.com

“I have been to seminars for 20 years, but never have I experienced such depth of knowledge and such a joy of giving. Everything exceeded my expectations. I came looking for some interesting insights and information. I left with a new, empowering way of life.”
Robert Styler, CEO www.CREWfund.org

“Thank you for a great and powerful weekend course. Every time I spend time learning from you I feel clearer, more inspired and stronger on my path. Deep gratitude for all your work and the integrity that both you and Sandi demonstrate and live.”
Dr. Gabrielle Steinberg – Doctor of Chinese Medicine www.harmonywellness.ca

“I’ve been listening to your tapes and just wanted to say how happy they made me feel. You’ve done an excellent job, in my humble opinion. Your talks are nicely structured, in that you are trying to systematically develop in your listeners the necessary conceptual framework. You don’t use intimidation of any kind, and yet you are not compromising the Vedic philosophy. You deserve all success and I am sure that the previous acharyas will be pleased with you, and empower you to achieve great things in their service.”
Krishna Dharma das, Translator of The Ramayana & The Mahabharata -Torchlight Publishers

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