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Yoga Wisdom in a Box

NEW GIFT Product “Wisdom in a BOX”… get out of the Box with “Wisdom in a Box”
We are very excited to offer you this special GIFT Product that offers a convenient and in-depth learning of the Vedic/Yoga knowledge. This BEST SELLING SERIES comes in a gorgeous BOX presentation – perfect for GIFT GIVING or counter sales!

SAVE 50% off the regular CD prices! Each Wisdom Box contains an 8 GB memory stick full of life changing Yoga Philosophy. They will make a lovely and unique gift, full of priceless knowledge for all your yoga friends. (Some series are available as a direct download elsewhere on the website – BUT this is the GIFT BOX). Whether you are a yoga teacher, student or someone just interested in a Universal perspective on life, you will benefit immensely from the knowledge contained in these small packages! Under normal circumstances you would have to spend many years to acquire the knowledge and vision these lectures reveal. Jeffrey Armstrong masterfully guides you to the path of freedom walked by all the great sages and yogis who came before us.

“Jeffrey Armstrong has shown how the new avatar awareness and the ancient and eternal Avatar consciousness can be united for individual and global transformation. He has done so with poetry, humor, intelligence, wit, and grace. He opens the doorways to many higher dimensions, new hidden horizons, new worlds of delight, and new ways of vision.”- David Frawley, Director, American Institute of Vedic Studies.