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The Planet Jupiter Empowers Truth & Enlightenment for the Next Year | June 20, 2014

Jupiter-compared-with-other-planets1Written by Jeffrey Armstrong/Kavindra Rishi

On Friday June 20, 2014

The planet Jupiter will be leaving Gemini and entering the star group Cancer. It will remain in that sign until Tuesday July 14, 2015. As you can see Jupiter orbits the Sun once every 12 years and so spends approximately a year in each sign.

NOTE: Download a free app called PLANETS and see where the planets actually are in real time. Western astrology is approximately 23 degrees inaccurate regarding the actual planetary positions in relation to the stars.

In Sanskrit Jupiter is also called Guru and is viewed as the cosmic mentor who fosters self-growth, expansion, well-being, global and universal perspectives, enlightened awareness, and fosters projects dedicated to the good of all beings. For the next year the “force” of Jupiter will favor such hopes and dreams and will provide the means to bring them into practical manifestation. This next year is the perfect time to instigate and expand noble and healing projects of all kinds.

This also means that children born within this time will have the forces of Jupiter strong in their being. I predict that some of our future planetary leaders will emerge from this year. They will begin manifesting on the global stage in 2030 and will play a dramatic role in the struggle to redirect our planet during that pivotal time.

Who will be affected the most?

This transit will especially empower those with Cancer rising, Cancer Moon or Cancer Sun in their Vedic Astrological Birth chart and will secondarily empower all people who have their Sun, Moon or Rising in the water signs of Scorpio or Pisces. In addition, those born when Jupiter was in Cancer previously, will experience a considerable boost and push from the universal Guru, to live up to their potential and to expand their positive influence into the world by either speaking, writing or consulting and will be a great inspiration to others. If you are not sure if this affects you, this would be a great time to consult a Vedic Astrologer or get an update to your chart. If you are in this group of people most affected, it would be wise and useful for you to have an update consultation to your VEDIC chart.

Contrary to what you might think that…when the light increases there is more resistance and anger from the dark powers on our planet. Yes, Jupiter is the path of learning but one must sometimes fight for the truth. This means you will see both: truth tellers increasing their activities and being attacked more aggressively by the darker forces. There may even be assassinations or violent struggles as the light of Jupiter shines brighter.

Jupiter is a slow planet working for long-term change and improvement on a grand scale. To benefit from this influence more, increase your standard of truth-telling. Be gentle and patient but tell the truth, more often and with greater clarity, and the light of our great Guru in the sky will shine through you and use you for some great work.

May Brihaspati (Jupiter) make you brilliant and may truth and compassion prevail everywhere.

Hari Om and Namaste ~ Jeffrey Armstrong

“An AyurVedic astrology consultation gives you inside information to facilitate your personal evolutionary process. It is deeper than psychotherapy and more effective than counseling. Consciously used, it is a tool of personal transformation.” ~ Jeffrey Armstrong, Jyotish Visharada, CVA and Jyotish Kovid, CVA

Over 40 years experience – known for his accuracy and spiritual insights

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