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About Jeffrey Armstrong and Vedic Academy of Sciences and Arts » Hindu Renaissance

“The motivational speaker, who left his corporate job ten years ago to foster the spread of Hindu and Vedic culture in the West, looks like a typical American till he opens his mouth.” – The India Times (2008)

“Jeffrey Armstrong is the most dynamic speaker on Hindu Dharma in the world!”

David Frawley, Founder and Director of the American Institute for Vedic Studies in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Around the world there are three rapidly evolving groups of followers of the Hindu Dharma. In India, there are 750 million Hindus struggling with the residual effects of colonization and a national and political crisis of identity. Another 30 million Hindus live as immigrants to other countries outside of India. They are trying to reunite on important issues that concern all Hindus, like education of the next generation and maintaining Hindu cultural values in often unfavorable environments. The third Hindu group consists of approximately 100 million Nava or new Hindus who are practicing some form of yoga and looking to India and Hindu/Vedic knowledge for guidance.

Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi) is working with all three of these groups. He travels to India on a regular basis to inspire and speak before civic groups, temples, ashrams, colleges and universities on overcoming the current challenges to Hindu identity in India. This includes: correct portrayal of Hindu identity in schools and texts, issues of health and preventive medicine, countering the dangerous effects of forcible conversions by Christians and Muslims, development of appropriate technology, and many more important Hindu issues.

As the Media and Communications Director for both the Vedic Friends Association (VFA) and the Hindu Collective Initiative for North America (HCI-NA), and as an adjunct professor for Hindu University, he travels the world speaking to Hindu youth groups, academic conferences, temples, and Hindu community groups to help restore the voice of Hindu Dharma throughout the world and to inspire the next generation of Hindu youth to be proud of their great Vedic/Sanatana Dharma heritage.

As a Nava-Hindu himself, Kavindra has been teaching the Vedic knowledge full-time for the last 14 years and is the founder and director of the Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts (VASA) which is dedicated to bringing the Hindu/Vedic Sanatana Dharma culture and knowledge to the entire world. In this role he speaks at corporations, yoga ashrams, yoga retreats, Ayurvedic medical and astrological conferences, Ayurvedic astrology conferences, and teaches a variety of seminars based on the Vedic knowledge.

Hindu Renaissance Poet chosen as Award-winning FINALIST

Nava-Hindu mystical poet Kavindra Rishi (Jeffrey Armstrong) has been chosen as an award-winning finalist in the poetry category of the National Indie Excellence Awards 2007, for his book The Night We First Met – A Mystic Journey. The awards will be presented at Book Expo America, held at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City on June 1-3, 2007. This award-winning book will be on display at the Center’s Crystal Palace Lobby at the New Title Showcase. Award winners will be interviewed by the media, sign books and be hosted at a variety of literary functions…

Read the Letter of Recommendation for Kavindra Rishi from  the Hindu Students Council.

November 21, 2008 – India Post News Service – read full post 

“This Convention is a mechanism to bring awareness to the community of this cancerous development in the body politic of India, which is mainly victimizing the Sanatan Hindu Dharma, and empower the community to address it appropriately, The Convention was held from October 31-November 2. Its Plenary Session, American Dharma Congress, was presided over by Jeffrey Armstrong, well known author, philosopher, Vedic astrologer, and an active practitioner of Sanatan Hindu Dharma and Krishna Consciousness, who has spent his life spreading the knowledge of Vedanta in Vancouver, Canada and USA.”

JEFFREY has spoken at: NSA-The National Security Agency, Vancouver Terminal City Business Club, ATT, GSA-General Services Administration, Taj Krishna Hotel Executive Business Club, United Way of Santa Clara, Network General Corporation, Next Computing, Rotary, Chevron, Versatec, Camlin Ltd., to highlight a few. Additionally… at the following venues  …. http://www.jeffreyarmstrong.com/press-room/bios-for-press

What Others are Saying

“Jeffrey Armstrong provides the language skills that are needed to present the Hindu Dharma to the Western world. I highly recommend this seminar to the entire Hindu community – we will definitely benefit from Jeffrey’s knowledge and extra-ordinary interpersonal and communication skills.” Shrinarayan Chandak, Bloomington, Illinois

“A fascinating series for understanding oneself and one’s Vedic roots, building self- confidence and assertiveness and learning techniques of effectively communicating the universal principles of the Sanatan Hindu Dharma.” Abhijit Prabhakar Phadnis, Mumbai, India

“It was a breath of fresh air to hear positive things about Hinduism from a Western intellectual – a rare phenomenon, indeed! Kavindra’s in-depth knowledge of the Hindu scriptures is astounding. But his art of conveying the messages therein is even more striking. A rare combination of ancient  Vedic knowledge and the modern art of communicating.” Dr. Kamal N. Rauniar, UK

“There’s no doubt about his (Jeffrey’s) presence and power as a speaker, or even his hunger for Sanatan Dharma and its depth of knowledge. I thought some of what he said was surprising … that we should think for ourselves, find out who ‘we’ are but not accept just being told something one way or another … hearing him made me feel like I was hearing real dynamism.”  Tattva International Magazine quoting Dipvandana Shah, General Secretary of NHSF (UK)

Ravi Bhanot (Ilford Hindu Temple/VHP): “Kavindra Rishi’s Relationship course was the most eye-opening and educational talk of it’s kind I’ve ever heard, and many of our youth and young couples remarked how helpful it was for them in helping to make the right decisions in terms of marriage and related commitments. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.”

Vinay Tanna (ISCKON Bhaktivedanta Manor Head of Communications): Masterfully presented! Both myself and my team members found many beneficial tools and strategies that we have subsequently started to implement in our work with both the wider Hindu community and the British media and Government.”

Kamal Raunier in Manchaester: There are a few western intellectuals who are offering a great service to Hinduism. Let us help them help us by supporting them e.g. by inviting them for talks, buying their books, CDs etc. Jeffrey ji (Canadian) is one of them. The others are David Frawley (American), Francois Gautier (French), Stephen Knapp (American) and Conrad Elst (Belgian).